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Christian Cueva: the playlist that he sings and why he claims Peruvian cumbia in the world

Christian Cueva: the playlist that he sings and why he claims Peruvian cumbia in the world

Christian Cueva: the playlist that he sings and why he claims Peruvian cumbia in the world

More than Chalacón or Johnny Orosco, the last ambassador of Peruvian cumbia in the world is called Christian Cueva. It is not only proven by his live on Instagram, where 10,000 followers are automatically connected, or his influence on the likes of ex Frank Sinatra and today Harmony 10 of the Peruvian Lapadula: the night of the triumph against Paraguay 2-0, when the country was focused on the National for 90 minutes, there was not only Contigo Peru in chorus to give goosebumps. As soon as the effective gentlemen of the PNP ordered the 45 thousand attendees to leave in order, the FPF organization and protocol team turned on a song from the loudspeakers of the stadium that, in the voice of Cueva and Carrillo, in which Lapadula hums, also has become an anthem:

Bartender, the brewer has arrived

give me my drinks

give me my glasses

That I want to drink and drink and drink until I die

Drink and drink and drink to death…

What else can be done if we qualify for the Qatar 2022 World Cup? What.


Eye, Cueva is not influential only in the play list. It is a brand from the Gareca era, “a can opener”, as Jorge Barraza, an Argentine journalist, prefers to define it. Today he is in a state of grace, the old people make long comparisons with Cholo Hugo and in his country there is peace because in his head there is peace. But his remarkable football growth is not from now. He passed in Asunción, also against Paraguay, heading to the 2018 World Cup in Russia. Until that night, Christian Cueva was just a good team. Then there was the selection.

“That night in Asunción” is everything that happened in parallel to the 4-1 rout of Peru, Ricardo Gareca’s team, against Paraguay. On his court and before his people. The photo of Raúl Sifuentes from the Peruvian 10 walking alone to the locker room, for example. The unusual movement in the newspaper archives, because the Blanquirroja had not won away from home for 12 years. The annoyance of José Luis Chilavert, who declared that the selection “was enlarged”. On November 10, 2016, late in Lima at night in Asunción, the Peruvian team had the discreet numbers of those who did not qualify for the World Cup, an old homeland custom: eighth place, 8 points, just two wins and two draws. It was a team at the height of the 8 cycles since Spain 82: eliminated.

The most rebellious against this pessimism seemed to be the soccer player that Gareca rescued from criticism and that by that night, he had played all the games in the process since 2015. The flag of the Christian Cueva cycle. The boy from Huamachuco whom his parents were going to call María Fátima Margarita and today the campus calls Cholo.

That Cholo entered the locker room furious after the 1-0 in the first half against Paraguay. And although he was the shortest footballer on that squad (1.65m), everyone saw it. “Very few people know that in the locker room, at half time in Asunción, he spoke. Not Warrior. Not Albert. Cueva”, Horacio Zimmermann, host of Movistar Deportes, tells me, one of the journalists who followed Peru abroad all the dates of the Qualifiers. Cueva has told him once. A man very close to the technical command -and who for obvious reasons prefers to keep his name in reserve- remembers the 15 minutes of that halftime as “very decisive” for what happened later in the Qualifiers.


Today it is still light. And all the prayers will have to be said so that he reaches the playoff date (June 13/14) at that level that makes him levitate. After a brief stalking on his Instagram account, the Total Sport team has put together this playlist signed by Cueva, a man who increasingly represents the Peruvian people that we like so much.

Brewer – Harmony 10.

Let me – Harmony 10.

Thank you – Harmony 10.

Serrana – Harmony 10.

You’ll Pay (Cigarette Smoke) – Harmony 10

The Telephone – Group 5

To die of love – Group 5

Listen Marisol, Red Paint, Pacific International (voiced by Tony Rosado). And I think we’re finally getting it.

Source: Elcomercio

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