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Carlo Ancelotti praises a Karim Benzema “who improves like good wine”

Who ? No, but honestly, who? Who can sit down at Karim Benzema’s table today and say “I have more impact than you on my team”? Apart from Kylian Mbappé, there, like that, we do not see. Author Wednesday evening against Chelsea of ​​a new hat-trick in the Champions League, after that against PSG, KB Nueve throne up there in the category of players… out of category. And all this at 34, please!

The one who best summed up the current form of the Benz, who is more than ever applying for the Ballon d’Or (new version) is none other than his coach in Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti. “Karim Benzema is improving every day like good wine,” Carletto said nicely in a press conference after Madrid’s victory (3-1) at Stamford Bridge. He is more and more a leader in the team, in the group and I think that is the biggest difference. He shows his personality more, he knows that he is very important to us and he is an example for everyone. »

A devastating head game

These words perfectly echo what the former OL child prodigy said last Monday in the columns of The Team, when the journalist asked him about his new responsibilities at the Merengue since the departure of CR7. “It just gives me a lot of confidence,” he replied. I can see that my teammates like when I’m on the pitch, it gives me great motivation, it pushes me to try things. »

Things from the head, in particular, testify to these first two goals scored from the skull against Mendy. This now devastating heading game did not fall from the sky, no, it is the result of hard work in training for years. always in The Team, he said: “The difference is that today I do a lot of core work, abs, and so I realize that I jump higher than the guys. Then, for precision, it’s like in my game, I’m not a nag. So I jump, and then I know whether to sting, whether to put in bell. To make a face is not to close your eyes and put a blow. KO standing in two minutes on Wednesday, the Blues were indeed able to see it at their expense.

Source: 20minutes