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Juanfer Quintero and 10 world cracks that recorded musical hits

Juanfer Quintero and 10 world cracks that recorded musical hits

Juanfer Quintero and 10 world cracks that recorded musical hits

Juan Fernando Quintero He is a crack on and off the court. In this time, he has had to be away from the pitch due to an injury to his left hamstring, which will deprive him of playing until at least May 10 with the River Plate. Until then, his fans will have to enjoy him in another way, without the ball at his feet: in music, the other great facet of him.

In addition to doing magic with the ball in the ‘Millionaire’, the Colombian midfielder has taken the time to record urban music ‘hits’, in which he has shown his talent as a singer.

For the first time, in 2016, Juanfer Quintero collaborated with Puerto Rican Luigi 21 Plus on the song “No te enamores”, which was included on the album Back to Basics. A year later, she recorded the well-known song “Cibernauta” together with Landa Freak and Element Black.


However, Juan Fernando Quintero He is not the only footballer who has ventured into the music industry. stars like Pele, Ronaldinho, Johan Cruyffamong others, were also encouraged to record songs to the liking of many.


The Brazilian soccer legend, who won two World Cups, has not hesitated to get into music, one of his other passions. Pele recorded the important single “TabelinhaAlong with the singer Elis Regina in 1969. But that was only the beginning, because later he also joined Sergio Méndez to record an album for his own documentary in 1977.

Among other ‘hits’ in which Pele He was encouraged to do this theme “Hope” launched in 2016, regarding the Olympic Games that were held in Brazil that year. Likewise, in celebration of her 80th birthday, she recorded ‘Acredita No Veio’ together with the Mexicans Rodrigo and Gabriela.

Johan Cruyff

He revolutionized the world of football with an interesting style of play that continues to this day, but he also revolutionized music studies. When he was still an Ajax player, Johan Cruyff He recorded two songs that will be marked forever in his career.

After being invited by a couple of producers, the legend from the Netherlands was encouraged to sing the singles “Oei, Oei, Oei (Dat Was Me Weer Een Loei) Y Alle Stoppen Ineens Naar De Knoppen”, translated into Spanish as “Another Good Shot” Y “All the lights went out at the same time”, two topics that had an interesting repercussion, especially in his nation.

Ruud Gullit

The Dutch legend always showed his passion for music. That was his main way of expressing himself off the field. And for this reason, when he lived his glorious years at AC Milan, he supported the recording of two songs in the ‘Reggae’ genre with the band Revelation Time.

the singlesFree Me” Y “south africa had as protagonist Ruud Gullitwho used the melodies to show his social causes, showing his criticism of the apartheid regime in South Africa.

German Burgos

He is, without a doubt, the most successful footballer in the music industry. Germán Burgos, River Plate exporter and Diego Simeone’s former assistant at Atlético de Madrid, launched himself into the world of music, guided by his admiration for the Rolling Stones, and his talent took him quite far.

In fact, ‘Mono’ Burgos formed his own band called The Garb, previously known as Sympathy, with which he released attractive musical records. “It will be a Rolling Stone” is one of his most remembered ‘hits’.

Joseph Manuel Pinto

The former FC Barcelona goalkeeper is now a renowned music producer and composer. ‘Wahin‘, as he is popularly known in this industry, has experimented with various genres throughout his career, working on different projects with international artists. Currently, he is more dedicated to urban music.

It should be noted that in 2016, Joseph Manuel Pinto He managed to win a Latin Grammy together with Niña Pastori, in the category of Best Flamenco Album, being one of the great people responsible for the recording of the successful album.

Sergio Ramos

The defender of PSGwho left a huge mark on the history of Real Madrid and the Spanish national team, ventured into the musical world in 2016. Regarding that year’s European Championship in France, the Andalusian defender sang the song “La Roja baila” together to the singer Niña Pastori in the form of an anthem for her country in the contest.

Also, in 2018, Sergio Ramos He also participated in the recording of the single “another star in your heart” along with Demarco Flamenco, a song that was made to encourage ‘La Roja’ in the World Cup in Russia. That same year, the Spanish defender dared to release a solo song called ‘SR4 ′, a rap inspired by his life, written by himself.


The happiness of football is also the happiness of music. Ronaldinhoworld champion with Brazil in 2022, has been encouraged to collaborate with different musical themes with various Brazilian artists, who have a great reach on platforms such as YouTube or Spotify,

“Let’s drink” (2015), “Eu sou do mundo, a winner” (2016), “Professor Da Malandragem” (2017) and “I know how to organize directly” (2022) are some of the musical ‘hits’ that had Ronaldinho as the great protagonist, exhibiting his skills as a singer.

Carlos Tevez

The brother of Carlos Tevez, Diego, belongs to the popular Argentine cumbia group, Piola Vago. That is why the Apache has a very close relationship with that musical ensemble. He has already released many songs with them and has even been encouraged to go on stage on several occasions. Songs like “Golden Boy” Y “Apache” were composed on his behalf.

Daniel Alves

The most successful footballer in world football has repeatedly demonstrated his passion for music. In his social networks, Daniel Alves He has already shown off his skills with the guitar and some percussion instruments. But that is not all. The Brazilian has also been encouraged to record songs. The best known is “Smooth”, a song on which he collaborated with José Manuel Pinto and Thiago Matheus.

Jesse Rodriguez

Currently, the former Real Madrid soccer player is recognized more for what he does off the field than on it. Under the pseudonym Jey M, Jesse Rodriguez It has made an important path in the music industry, launching several attractive songs in the urban genre. He has even collaborated with renowned artists in that world such as Alexis y Fido, De La Ghetto and Carlitos Rossy on the song “I knew”, which has more than 30 million views on YouTube.

Source: Elcomercio

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