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It hurts just to see him: Jesús Barco violently kicked Jesús Castillo in the face at Boys-Cantolao | VIDEO

A violent action occurred a few minutes from the end in the match between Sport Boys and Academia Cantolao for matchday 12 of League 1. Jesús Barco, midfielder for the pink team, hit the face of Jesús Castillo, the opponent’s midfielder. Immediately, the referee showed the offender a direct red card.

Rodrigo Cuba, marker of the ‘Misilera’, took a lateral to send the ball to the rival’s field. Immediately, Mauro Guevgeozián controlled with his back to the goal and there was a dispute with central defender Gianmarco Gambetta. After that, the Armenian striker stretched out his leg to hand over to a teammate, but the ball was split.

Immediately afterwards, the protagonists of the aforementioned play appeared. Jesús Barco hit the ball, but he stretched out his leg to the point of hitting Jesús Castillo directly in the face. Due to this very strong maneuver, the judge of the contest put his hand in his pocket to show the red card to the former University of Sports.

pink victory

Cantolao and Sport Boys collided at the Miguel Grau stadium in Callao for matchday 12 of the Liga 1 Opening Tournament, leaving a 1-0 victory for the pinks. The goal was scored towards the end of the first half thanks to Jesús Chávez.

The actions began with both casts taking due precautions not to suffer against the rival. However, this idea was left in the past, being the rosés the ones who took a certain initiative in the duel, after advancing their lines.

The tie between Sport Boys and Cantolao seemed to be maintained until the end of the first stage of the duel developed in the Buenos Aires area, but a foul near the ‘Delfin’ goal allowed Jesús Chávez to take an excellent free kick shot and put the first pm.

The second half made the rosés go back with the slogan of taking care of the result, allowing the ‘Delfin’ to play much closer to the rival goal, bringing danger on more than one occasion to the goal that was defended by Patricio Álvarez.

Despite Cantolao’s attempts, Sport Boys was the team that almost scored -again- at the Miguel Grau, but the header that Mauro Guevgeozián executed was invalidated by the linesman (for offside), drowning the second celebration of the ‘missile’

With this result, the rosés reached 12 points in the Opening Tournament, moving away from the last places in the local competition. The ‘Dolphin’, meanwhile, is still in last place in League 1, committing itself more and more to the issue of losing.

Source: Elcomercio

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