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“It does not exist”: legal report on birth registration of Byron Castillo

New information about the case continues to emerge. Byron Castillo. A legal technical report from the national directorate of the civil registry of Ecuador indicates that the birth registration of the defender in the Ecuadorian city of Guayas does not appear in the volume, page and certificate requested, according to an official document to which EFE had access.

Likewise, said paper states that it cannot be conferred as it is a “non-existent file”.

This legal technical report is one of the pillars of the ANFP’s claim to FIFA led by the legal firm “Carlezzo Advogados” on behalf of the Chilean Football Federation.

“There is the possibility that Byron Castillo’s document has allegedly been adulterated, taking advantage of the fragility of the document, which is why in the national archive, there are no indications that it existed, but simply an inscription made in the book appears, but this one finds traces of having been reviewed its text, which affects credibility, adding to it the lack of the little file that guarantees its existence “Eduardo Carlezzo told EFE.

“What we have sent to FIFA is based on fairly clear documentation, documentation from both the sports authorities and the civil registry authorities of Ecuador”adds the lawyer.

“From the point of view of civil registration, the document is crucial for everything. Since it is a legal technical report issued by the general directorate of the civil registry of Ecuador in which the certificate of departure of Byron Castillo in Ecuador was analyzed “he continued.

In addition, he emphasized the following point: “When analyzing that document, the first strident conclusion is that that starting document is nowhere to be found, it simply does not exist in the internal records of the civil registry. I wonder how a departure certificate does not exist? It is the first thing that makes it clear that this document is a ghost”.

Source: Elcomercio

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