SportsHe nailed it in the angle: Sandoval's great goal...

He nailed it in the angle: Sandoval’s great goal in Cienciano vs. Sports Huancayo | VIDEO


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The 2022 Opening Tournament had Cienciano as one of the candidates to take first place, but the draw was irregular and it lost ground at the top of the table. However, the people of Cusco seek to add to their visit to Sport Huancayo and the outlook started favorably, thanks to a great goal from Kevin Sandoval.

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The actions in the first half were even, until ‘Papá’ generated a free kick from the right wing, on the edge of the area. Given the lack of clarity in spun plays, those led by Gerardo Ameli tried to make the most of the set piece and intelligently accommodated themselves in the opposite area.

The owner of the ball was Kevin Sandoval, who took a lot of running to make the execution with his left leg. Despite having his teammates waiting, the midfielder decided to shoot directly towards the goal defended by goalkeeper Ángel Zamudio.

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The ball picked up a lot of speed, rose and fell abruptly on the right corner of the Sport Huancayo goalkeeper, who could not do anything with his stretch. The Cienciano soccer players observed the fantastic definition and immediately went to look for the architect of the brilliant goal.

Later, Kevin Sandoval inflated the nets again, reaching the figure of five goals in League 1, with which he became one of the top scorers on his team. In addition, the former Sporting Cristal player has six assists, which reflects his importance with the Cusco club.

How are Cienciano and Sport Huancayo doing in League 1?

Sport Huancayo equaled 3-3 against Cienciano, so the table for the 2022 Opening Tournament remains tight: the ‘Rojo matador’ is in second place, with 27 points, one behind the leader Melgar. For his part, ‘Dad’ was in seventh place, with only 22 units, further and further from first place.


Source: Elcomercio

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