SportsAn agreement with Real and five years of contract…...

An agreement with Real and five years of contract… In Spain, there is no longer any doubt


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Every day (or almost), 20 Minutes takes stock of the latest advances and bogus rumors on the negotiations around a possible extension of Kylian Mbappé to PSG or a more likely departure to Real Madrid. With a homemade Mbappometer at stake. And this, until Kyky makes his decision.


Monday May 16

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It was Kylian Mbappé who assured it in person, Sunday evening during the UNFP Trophies ceremony. The soap opera on his future is “almost over”. The most desired footballer of the moment will communicate “long before” the next gathering of the Blues, on May 28. So, PSG or Real Madrid?

For the Spanish press, doubt is no longer really allowed. Especially for brand. The Madrid sports daily indicates that a final agreement between the player and the Merengues was reached last week, around a five-year contract and a salary lower than that promised by Paris (but still quite charming, reassure -you). And everything would have been played out at the very beginning of last week, during Kyky’s famous visit to Madrid, during which Ángel Sánchez, general manager of Real, would have gone all out, canceling the other appointments planned with agents. of players.

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brand, with a notorious Madrid fiber, salutes in passing the work of the most successful club in Europe, where we would still remain “cautious” until the end, after the cold shower of last summer. For his part, Mbappé, heroized by our colleagues, would have been able to resist “all types of pressure”. The daily quotes of course the leaders of the PSG, the supporters but also Emmanuel Macron.

Credibility: 60%. Frankly, we never believed that Kyky had made his micro-visit to Madrid to admire the Cibeles fountain… But on the other hand, isn’t the Mbappé clan capable of a new about-face? What unbearable suspense…


Mbappometer: The needle leans clearly towards Florentino Perez, whose proud and discreet smile we can already imagine during the presentation of his most difficult recruit to shoe.

Source: 20minutes

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