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MisterChip ironically about the Champions League: “Will it end up playing on River’s court?”

The match Real Madrid vs. Liverpool in the Champions League final had to delay its start time due to problems with the entry of the ‘Reds’ fans. The surprising situation generated criticism of the security of the event and MisterChip sent an ironic comment, recalling River Plate vs. Boca Juniors, who played for the 2018 Copa Libertadores title.

Hot weather in Saint-Denis. I have already experienced this. Will it end up being suspended and playing on River’s court?”, wrote the renowned statesman on Twitter, comparing what happened with the Argentine Superclásico, which had to be moved to Madrid, due to the aggression of the ‘Millionaire’ fans against the bus that was transporting the rival soccer players.

The MisterChip followers were in favor of the fictitious provision in the comments, but this circumstance will not occur, despite the invasion of a large number of fans to the sports venue. The problem arose because there were people who were scammed with false tickets and wanted to enter at all costs.

This time, UEFA did not make drastic decisions, but waited for the action of the security agents to bring calm to the surroundings of the Stade de France. In that sense, the organization of the Champions League postponed the start of the match up to two times.

Due to the late arrival of fans, the match has been delayed. More information will follow in 15 minutes maximum”, expressed the governing body of football in Europe. Finally, the schedule, with the ceremony and start of the meeting, could be carried out until before 2:36 pm (Peruvian time), when the ball began to roll.

Source: Elcomercio

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