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Things got heated between Ruud and Rune after their quarter-final

Warm atmosphere between the two men who came from the cold. The Norwegian Casper Ruud and the Dane Holger Rune did not leave on very good terms after their quarter-final, Wednesday evening at Roland-Garros. Already, as soon as the match point sealing Ruud’s qualification was sent, the handshake was icy, Rune refusing to look his opponent in the eye. “He was so unsportsmanlike during the match, justified the youngest (19 years old), according to comments relayed by Fox Sports. I didn’t want to hug him. »

Obviously, Casper Ruud delivered another version at a press conference. “He was railing against a mark that was clearly outside, at least ten centimeters. I asked him if he had to check every brand and he replied “shut up”. It’s not the best thing to say to your opponent, I didn’t speak to him again after that, ”explained the world number 8.

“Maybe it’s time to grow up a bit”

But it didn’t stop there. In the Danish media Ekstra Bladet, Holger Rune assures that the Norwegian player then came to lodge him in the locker room. “He came right up to me and yelled ‘yeeeeeeees’ right in the face,” he said. You can cheer yourself on the pitch and be happy, no worries, but to do that is disrespectful. “A pure lie,” reacted Ruud’s father and trainer, Christian.

His son also replied. “I don’t know Holger personally, but I’ve seen on TV that he can do a lot sometimes. He’s young and new, so that’s excusable, but when you’re in a big tournament like that, maybe it’s time to grow up a bit,” Ruud told the Norwegian daily. GV. Looking forward to the reunion.

Source: 20minutes

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