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The selection and the day after: thanks to Cueva, the Advíncula case and everything that happened in Doha

The selection and the day after: thanks to Cueva, the Advíncula case and everything that happened in Doha

The selection and the day after: thanks to Cueva, the Advíncula case and everything that happened in Doha

Almost 24 hours have passed since the entire country fell silent. Peru will not be present at the Qatar 2022 World Cup after falling on penalties (4-5) against Australia in a meeting that all fans want to forget. The post-match was much harder for the protagonists of this story that did not have a happy ending.

After heartfelt statements by Pedro Gallese towards the end of the game where he stated that it was a very hard moment for him and all his teammates, the National Team returned to their hotel under the watchful eye of thousands of fans who left them words of encouragement at such a difficult time.

Hours later Luis Advincula He would pronounce himself through his social networks, indicating his decision to step aside from the National Team. The winger missed his penalty and was really affected after the end of the game. Despite this, already with a cool head, the player deleted the publication after a few minutes, but still set off the alarms and concern of many Peruvians not to see Advíncula wearing the colors of the National Team again.

It was just dawn in Doha, ‘Fought’ He was the first to leave the concentration. According to images released by Movistar Deportes, the Boca Juniors player is seen getting into a car along with all his suitcases. Rare image, because the side must return to Buenos Aires and could well do it from Lima together with Carlos Zambrano, also a player of the ‘Xeneize’ team. Advíncula will arrive in Buenos Aires to rest for a few days -although the Argentine tournament has already started- and rethink his priorities.

The concern in the Argentine press after Luis Advíncula’s message was not long in coming. The ‘Chicken’ Vignolo declared about it in ESPN: “There is a message from Advíncula, strong from someone who is hitting. Surely Boca will have to see how he treats him. He is going to receive an emotionally evicted soccer player. And with something that is very hard, that happens to any human being: handling guilt.”

Another international football figure who did not hesitate to speak out in the face of the difficult moment that the Peruvian is going through, is Luis Fernando Suarez. The current coach of Costa Rica, who led his team to qualify for the 2022 Qatar World Cup after beating New Zealand, declared after the end of the match and spoke about Advíncula, the sadness that his situation gives him and the immense love he has for him to this day . Let us remember that Suárez directed ‘Lucho’ in John Aurich and made him debut professionally in 2009 in the local league.

Just like Advíncula, Zambrano It will also arrive in the Argentine capital. Mouth will give a few days off to the Peruvian players who in the first instance should return to training on June 24, thinking about the round of 16 Copa Libertadores to be played on the 28th against Corinthians. Everything will depend on how Boca’s coaching staff see both players and how much rest they will need to recover from this episode, for now it is being evaluated to give them vacations without a confirmed return date.

Close to home

christian cave He was the second national player to leave the concentration. The flyer left the hotel accompanied by his wife to go to Doha airport where a short flight to Saudi Arabia to rest and return to training Al-Fateh and play their team’s remaining games in the local league. In the middle of his departure, Cueva met some fans who thanked him and encouraged him for his role in these Qualifiers.

With the Doha sun at its highest, the other national teams along with the coaching staff left the hotel to start their return to Lima. With sad and crestfallen faces, Peru leaves Qatar and will arrive in the Peruvian capital tonight.

Despite not speaking to the press, some of the players used their social networks to send a message of encouragement and thanks to the fans for their unconditional support. Among them they spoke Carlos Zambrano, Sergio Pena and Wilder Cartagena with Instagram posts. As well as edison flowers with a story in your account of the same social network.

Source: Elcomercio

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