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Two groups and final home run: FIFA evaluates new format for South American Qualifiers

According to Movistar Deportes, FIFA has been evaluating applying a new format for the South American Qualifiers to the 2026 World Cup. This is because Conmebol will have 6 and a half places in the next Qualifier and, above all, so that the competition system is more competitive.

The next World Cup event will be held in Mexico, the United States and Canada, and will feature the participation of 48 teams. For this reason, FIFA and Conmebol are analyzing the possibility of a new format and there would already be a proposal on the table.

According to the aforementioned media, for the following Qualifiers, an all-against-all system would no longer be executed, but rather they would be divided into two groups to later go on to a final home run. Find out all the details below.


  • There will be two groups (A and B) with five teams in each.
  • The countries that are in Group A will face those in Group B in home and away matches.
  • There will be a total of 10 matches played by each team in this first part.
  • The first two places in each group will qualify directly for the 2026 World Cup. That is, there would already be four confirmed places.
  • The last remaining squads will be automatically eliminated.

News in development.

Source: Elcomercio

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