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This would be the South American Qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup | SPECIAL

The 2026 World Cup will have 48 seats, of which Conmebol It has six and a half seats. The FIFA has been analyzing a new competition structure for the South American Qualifiers and in this SPECIAL We tell you how the new process would play out.

The next World Cup will be played in 16 cities in the following countries: Mexico, Canada and the United States. And, although it is not yet official, FIFA would be evaluating that the following Qualifiers would no longer be played in a system of all against all, but would be divided into two groups and then go on to a final home run. Know all the details giving CLICK HERE.


Although there is no set date yet, there is a good chance that the qualifying process for the 2026 World Cup will start in March 2023 and end in 2025.

If it materializes, the Peruvian team will play its World Cup chances again in nine months.

In 2023, then, there would be competition for the selections in May, September, October and November. Months in which the FIFA international window opens.

Source: Elcomercio

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