SportsThe labor inspectorate seized on the "social climate" of...

The labor inspectorate seized on the “social climate” of the organization of the 2023 World Cup


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The 2023 Rugby World Cup in turmoil: the Ministry of Sports decided on Wednesday to seize the labor inspectorate on “worrying elements” related to the “social climate” within the organizing committee after an investigation by the newspaper The Team.


The daily describes an “extremely degraded” working climate, where burn-outs, resignations and anxiety attacks mingle under the influence of a “management by terror” put in place by Claude Atcher and his chief of staff. Questioned by AFP on Wednesday evening, Atcher did not wish to react, indicating only “to let the people responsible for seeking the truth do their job”.

The FFR also promises an investigation

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The minister seized the labor inspectorate as well as the ethics committee of the Public Interest Group (GIP) of the Mondial “to shed all the light on this situation”, and “as quickly as possible”. She thus assured: “The social partners will be brought together tomorrow (Thursday) by the general management of the GIP and fully associated with this investigation and analysis process. »


In the process, the French Rugby Federation (FFR), led by Bernard Laporte, announced that it would convene the economic and social committee of France 2023 “so that a social investigation is carried out as soon as possible”, adding: “The FFR s associates with the State in its desire to shed full light on the internal situation. »

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Source: 20minutes

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