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Paolo Guerrero: Everything that is known about the ‘Predator’ after more than half a year without a club


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Paolo Guerrero is back. More than 240 days after terminating his contract with Internacional de Porto Alegre, it seems that the ‘Predator’ has finally found a new habitat to do what he knows how to do with a ball. Or that, at least, is what his mother ‘Doña’ Peta has guaranteed, leaving an inevitable mystery about the new club that will welcome him at 38 years old.

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It was October 7, 2021 when Guerrero played his last official match. Far from his best level, the Peruvian ‘9’ played 62 minutes of the match against Chile in the Qualifiers. The national team had won that ‘Clásico del Pacífico’ and the national atmosphere was painted with jubilation. Paolo was happy too, of course, but at the same time he was sadly aware that he couldn’t continue dealing with his knee problems.

“To get back to my level? I have to solve the issue of my knee, it seems that he doesn’t want to let me play “, he pronounced with a broken voice and a slight smile that tried to hide his enormous frustration at the press conference after the meeting. From there, the ‘Predator’ began a long path of uncertainty, which still does not find a definitive end more than 250 days later.

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Then, Guerrero sought to focus solely on his recovery, which triggered his departure from Internacional de Porto Alegre, his then club, despite the fact that he still had a contract. After several days of negotiations, the Brazilian team finally announced the termination of the agreement he had with the national striker and thanked him for everything he did for “Colorado” during the three years he was there.

“Sport Club Internacional and the athlete Paolo Guerrero, out of mutual interest, adjusted the early termination of the employment contract. A great idol of Peruvian soccer and a recognized world career, the striker wore the color shirt in 72 games and scored 32 goals. The club appreciates and wishes to succeed in the aftermath of his career”he noted in a statement.

Since then, the search for a new club has not been a priority for the ‘Predator’. But, equally, his new destination has been speculated for several months. And even more so when his recovery has already been in the final stage.

your options

Paolo Guerrero Leaving aside foreign rumors that linked him to Brazilian teams, and even to Boca Juniors, he constantly traveled to Europe and the United States to treat his knee problems, which made him miss the final dates of the Qualifiers. He also couldn’t make it in time for the playoff against Australia, but the last stage of his recovery in Phoenix had already done him good enough.

Weeks before that painful playoff, Guerrero arrived in Lima and returned to individual training at Videna after a long time. Then, surprisingly, he began to work in a group, helping the senior team in practice along with sparring partners, as a guest.

Paolo Guerrero training in Videna |  Photo: FPF

That was a pretty positive sign. The ‘Predator’ is back and now he is preparing hard in Brazil to return to the courts. From the hand of his physical trainer Rodrigo Araya, Paolo has undergone a demanding training session on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro these days and is now fully ready to resume official activity on the soccer fields.

“You have been ready for a long time and we are ready for you to play again with the capricious one, who misses you on the field of play”assured a few days ago his personal trainer on social networks.

Now, his mission is to find the ideal club to continue delighting locals and strangers alike with his talent. And in fact, he already fulfilled that mission, according to his mother. In Gol Peru they asked ‘Doña’ Peta ‘if her son was looking for a team and she managed to answer “No, he already has. He is going to be a surprise, even for me he is going to be a surprise ”.

The mystery has increased in the last hours. What is known for sure is that Alianza Lima – the team Paolo is a fan of – offered the striker a formal proposal, just as José Bellina, sports manager of the intimates, had already advanced.

“The club has spoken with Paolo. The idea is to propose a project and not a contract of only six months. There has been no formal offer, only dialogues to find out his position. In two or three weeks he defines himself ”Bellina pointed out in an interview with RPP a month ago.

Paolo Guerrero received a formal proposal from Alianza Lima |  Photo: GEC

Those conversations have been formalized and it has depended solely on the ‘Predator’ if he has accepted such an offer to wear the blue and white colors again. Of course, not only Alianza has been behind the player this time, because in recent days a rapprochement of the striker with Sporting Cristal has also been rumored, although that option is unlikely.

It must also be taken into account that Guerrero’s main intention has always been to continue his career abroad. In Brazil, a country where he is currently training in person, the Peruvian ‘9’ maintains a very good image, so the most likely thing is that he has also handled job options that exceed that of Alianza Lima.

Be that as it may, Paolo Guerrero already has a decision made. It will be a matter of days or hours to know exactly the destination he has chosen to follow, at 38 years old, the final stretch of his career. The most important thing is that, after more than half a year of affliction, he is now ready to play again and – of course – continue scoring goals.

Source: Elcomercio

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