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Red Bull Miraflores Cerro Abajo: date, route, access and times

Red Bull Miraflores Cerro Abajo: date, route, access and times

Red Bull Miraflores Cerro Abajo: date, route, access and times

Miraflores will host a day full of adrenaline this Saturday night with the Red Bull Miraflores Down Hill, urban downhill event that arrives in Lima and promises emotions. Find out all the details of the appointment below.


The route will focus on the Bajada Balta, an emblematic place in the Miraflores district, and will have 15 obstacles in 1.2 kilometers of route that the riders must overcome. Among the highlights is a ramp with a jump 12 meters long and 2 meters high.


  • 4pm > 6pm: Trainings
  • 6.30pm > 7.15pm: Qualifiers
  • 7.30pm > 7.50pm: Finals
  • 8pm: Awards


Access to the event is completely free and open to the general public. Check out the spectator areas and enjoy the show first-hand.

  • (Access 1) At the start and starting straight: right on Malecón Balta, between Revett and Víctor Fajardo streets.
  • (access 2) At the beginning of the same Bajada Balta: between the Malecones Balta and 28 de Julio.
  • (Access 3) Via Victor Fajardo Street: You can be along the entire Malecón Balta and position yourself in front of your favorite jump or obstacle.
  • (Access 4) At the intersection of Av. Grau and Malecón Balta: you can go down the cliff to a natural grandstand.


There will be 30 cyclists who will compete in the first edition of Red Bull Miraflores Cerro Abajo:

Thomas Slavic

Philip Rodriguez

Peter Ferrera

Paul Aguilar

Gonzalo Gajdosech

Sebastian Alfaro

Janine Costa

Joan Alexander Rojas

Daniel Roura

Juan Antonio Gordillo

Alexander Peace

Anne-Sophie Fenet

Gonzalo Garcia

Leandro Pestana

Ricardo Fernandini

Daniel Alcala

Aissa Hamann

Rodrigo Velit

Juan Pedro Illescas

Alessandro Carozzi

Aaron Duke

diego sarmiento

Brener Montes

Sofia Bermeo

Nicholas Hernandez

Cayetano Curl Pattern

Paul Zenteno

rose cross

christian escobar

Israel Bernaola

Source: Elcomercio

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