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Corinthians footballer received a ‘slam’ for making a luxury in his team’s win | VIDEO


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The first leg of the round of 16 of the Brazilian Cup is underway and last Wednesday the resounding 4-0 thrashing of Corinthians against Santos took place at the Neo Quimica Arena in Sao Paulo. The ‘Timão’ celebrated the victory in the company of his fans and Adson was encouraged to make a luxury during the match, but that cost him receiving a hard foul.


The 21-year-old midfielder had entered after 69 minutes, with the intention of continuing to bring danger to the opposing area. Precisely, as a result of coach Vítor Pereira’s planning, Giuliano scored at 77′, who decreed the partial 4-0.

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Santos was one man down at that time, due to the expulsion of Vinicius Zanocelo, and for this reason the squad tried to defend themselves at all costs. The ‘Peixe’ players were frustrated by the abrupt fall and when regulation time was up, the young Angelo Gabriel lost control, considering that his rival had provoked him.

Adson, a midfielder for Corinthians, made some impressive moves and decided to go back as he couldn’t find any space, although he was no longer able to move when he received a ‘slam’ from his opponent. The 17-year-old striker from ‘Alvinegro’, after committing the infraction, quickly left the scene, while the referee Marcelo de Lima showed him the yellow card.

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The injured ‘Timão’ player was sore on the pitch, but his actions brought more consequences: he was also confronted by Bruno Oliveira and Felipe Jonatan, Santos footballers. The situation became tense and there was a great uproar on the field, which luckily did not escalate.

When does Santos play vs. Corinthians?


Santos will receive Corinthians at the Vila Belmiro Stadium next Wednesday, July 13 (7:30 pm Peruvian time), for the second leg of the round of 16 of the Brazilian Cup. The ‘Peixe’ is obliged to win by a difference of five goals to advance to the next round.

Source: Elcomercio

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