SportsKyrgios attacks coaching in tennis: "The player solved things...

Kyrgios attacks coaching in tennis: “The player solved things on his own”


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Tennis has evolved over the years and the ATP announced a surprise rule change after Wimbledon: coaching will be allowed. Although the instructors are usually on the pitch, this time they will be able to have direct contact with the athletes during a match, but the news has not been welcomed by some athletes, such as Nick Kyrgios.


The provision was announced last Monday and the ‘Bad boy’ did not hesitate to speak out against the new statute. “I totally disagree. It misses one of the unique traits that no other sport had”, Said the Australian through his Twitter account, in response to Patrick Mouratoglou, who was Serena Williams’ coach for a decade (2012 to 2022).

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The player had to figure things out on his own. that was the beauty of it”, highlighted Kyrgios, who defends the fact of resolving a match one by one, without the interference of a third party. Although it is only an ATP trial period for this innovation, Nick does not hide his discomfort.

In the same way, the controversial tennis player added another argument to defend his negative position towards coaching. “What if you’re up against a high-profile player who doesn’t have or can’t afford a manager?”, ended the ‘Bad Boy’. Despite the criticism, the rule will be applied.

What is tennis coaching?

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Coaching consists of coaches helping tennis players during a match, with the intention of correcting mistakes. Previously, the technicians were located in a sector of the field and direct intervention with the athlete was penalized by the referee. Now there will be no more prohibition.


As announced by the ATP, this law will be implemented, as a test with a view to the future, from the week of July 11, 2022, after Wimbledon, in the ATP and WTA Tour circuit tournaments, the US Open, the fourth Grand Slam of the season; and will last until the ATP Finals in Turin (from November 13 to 20). The new rules implemented are:

  • The coaches must be seated in the seat that the organization has previously designated for them.
  • Coaching (both verbal and non-verbal) is allowed as long as it does not interrupt the game or create any obstacle for the opponent.
  • Verbal coaching can only take place when the player is on the same side of the pitch as his coach.
  • Non-verbal coaching (sign language) will be allowed at any time during the match.
  • Verbal coaching may consist of a few words or short phrases, conversations are not allowed.
  • Coaches are prohibited from talking to their player in the event that the player leaves the court, for whatever reason.
  • Sanctions and fines will continue to apply in case of abuse or misuse of the aforementioned conditions.

Source: Elcomercio

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