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Peruvian national team: why is the Adidas shirt called “the most beautiful in history”?

Peruvian national team: why is the Adidas shirt called “the most beautiful in history”?

Peruvian national team: why is the Adidas shirt called “the most beautiful in history”?

-It’s precious and El Ciego gave it to me after the game, that’s why it’s doubly precious, says Chupo, and there is no more powerful reason for the adjective.

The news that the Peru shirt will be adidas from 2023 to 2026, a long-awaited signature, allows us to theorize about the love we have for this symbol and also to conclude the only thing possible: it is the most beautiful because it is ours.


Once the differences between the brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler were resolved and founded as adidas on August 18, 1949, the German multinational only came to dress South American teams in the early 1970s, that is, twenty years after its entry into the market. In Peru, the reports that were made for this article coincide in a curiosity: the first thing that the Peruvian team wore was not an adidas shirt, but a short. “It has the adidas logo, an embroidered patch, on the left leg,” says Miguel Montalvo Robertson, an engineer, a young collector of the Peruvian team who is about to open the first museum of soccer jerseys on a second floor. A fanatical eccentricity, a work of good for the country. He just bought it, as part of a catalog that goes back to 1927 and includes technical commando sweatshirts or bands worn by the national soccer champions around the 70s. “The first international brand that dressed us was adidas. The first to risk it for us was adidas. And beyond the 78 World Cup, the brand-team association gave us another prestige. There were people in the 70s who didn’t even know where Peru was but they looked at Cubillas with an adidas and suddenly another type of curiosity was activated. Going back to her is like meeting a love from the past, ”he says, with euphoria. About that short with which the Peru-adidas marriage was founded, the Arkiv Peru page refers to the same thing. “A curious detail was that the team used adidas shorts during the 1973 tie against Chile, despite the fact that an official representation of the brand was never announced. Apparently it was a particular acquisition of the federation since the rest of the outfit (t-shirts and socks) was of the same clothing that had previously been used. They were short shorts, slim cut and with laces to tie. The team did not qualify for the World Cup Germany 74 but surnames like Chale, Cubillas or Sotil already wore that model. Those, the 70s, were the wonderful years of Peruvian soccer: qualification for Mexico, South American title in 75, runner-up for the ‘U’ in the Copa Libertadores, ticket to Argentina 78.

Lights and shadows.  Peru got off to a spectacular start at Argentina 1978, but fizzled out in the second round.  Photo: Agency.


1973. The national team wears Adidas clothing for the first time: in shorts.  In the photo, the 'Cholo' Hugo Sotil.

Why is it the prettiest of all the shirts worn by the team? What has caused so much fury among the fans? Up to three circuits have been activated that link us with the past: 1) The importance of adidas, brand up to 6 times world champion dressing national teams. 2) Our memories on VHS, from the golden age of Peruvian soccer with the Argentina 78 generation, that is, Cubillas, Cueto, Sotil, Oblitas. 3) The hope that, as in 2015 and 2018, adidas uses its adidas originals version and manufactures a vintage collection of jackets, sweatshirts, joggers, t-shirts, inspired by the models of the Qualifiers for Spain 82. Peter Egacila, collector of adidas and fan of Alianza Lima, the only Peruvian who has two shirts worn on the field by Diego Armando Maradona in Peru, explains his theory: “A large part of this emotion in the fan of the national team has to do with magnitude, prestige and greatness. of this brand installed in the world since the 70s. Then, the other feeling has to do with our own history. I have spoken with players from those years and they have told me how proud they were to use that model, unlike the times when it was not used. A couple of them told me: “We wanted to change shirts at the end of the game and the first thing they asked us was: what brand is your shirt? When it was adidas, the prestige was different. Finally there is the design: for 2010 ESPN determined in a virtual survey that the 1978 Peruvian adidas jersey was the most beautiful jersey in history. Egacila refers to the harmony of the design with the three strips on the arms in long sleeves, unique. It is the epitome of beauty.

It’s time to wait for the summer of 2023. And may the grati forgive us.

Source: Elcomercio

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