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Celebrate Peru! Brianda Rivera won a gold medal in sports shooting at the Bolivarian Games

This Monday the competition continues at the Valledupar 2022 Bolivarian Games and the Peruvian delegation continues to improve its records in the medal table. In the women’s sport shooting category, in the 25-meter pistol modality, the athlete Brianda Rivera won the gold medal, after a tight definition in the final duel.

The performance of the national presenter began in the qualifying round, where she was in seventh position, with 555 points. Leslie Alarcón, also the flag bearer of Peru, had a better performance in that stage, since she qualified in fourth place, with a score of 561.

After that, the Peruvian women’s team started their intervention in the semifinals, although in different keys. In the first series, Brianda Rivera (nine points) advanced to second place, among four participants, behind the Guatemalan Lucía Del Rosario Menéndez, who recorded 11 units in total.

For her part, Leslie Alarcón was left without the opportunity to reach the podium: she added six points and was third in the second key, being surpassed by the Ecuadorian Andrea Pérez and the Venezuelan Maribel Pineda, both tied on eight points.

And in the grand finale, Brianda Rivera showed her talent at the Polígono Fedetiro Nilo venue and was rated 14, the same as Andrea Pérez, but benefited from a double s-off in the remarks. In this way, the sports shooting specialist added a new gold medal for Peru, while her pair from Ecuador won the silver medal and the bronze went to Lucía Menéndez.

Source: Elcomercio

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