SportsNegotiations stalled: Benevento's request to sell Lapadula to Cagliari

Negotiations stalled: Benevento’s request to sell Lapadula to Cagliari


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the future of Gianluca Lapadula It’s still up in the air, although the striker for the Peruvian national team still belongs to Benevento, it’s no secret that the ‘Bambino’ wants to leave the club. Offers have reached the ‘Witches’ club, but it seems they won’t let the gunner go easily.


A couple of weeks ago, Cagliari became interested in Gianluca, they were going to offer him a 3-year contract and a high salary, since the good time he was having with the Peruvian team and in Serie B deserved it.

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However, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the negotiation for Lapadula stalled, since Benevento would ask for a couple of million for the striker’s pass, while Cagliari would have offered only one million.

How much money does Benevento request to sell to Lapadula?

According to the journalist Massimiliano Mogavero through his official Twitter account, he revealed the exact amount in the second division team that could liquidate Lapadula: “the Samnite club intends to collect two million from the sale.”

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It should be noted that among those interested in having Gianluca are three teams from the Italian league. Parma, Cagliari and Cremonese, according to ‘Corriere dello Sport’. The latter is the club that insists on hiring the attacker who was about to be in the new edition of the World Cup.

Source: Elcomercio

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