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Matías and Alexander Succar, and the other brothers who were called up to the Peruvian national team

Matías and Alexander Succar, and the other brothers who were called up to the Peruvian national team

Matías and Alexander Succar, and the other brothers who were called up to the Peruvian national team

“I would love to play with Matías at some point”, Alexander replied when asked about the chance to share attack with his younger brother. The Succars have been four years, they play -in theory- as strikers although the good Alex is sometimes sent to do other duties, but they have never been able to wear the same shirt at club level. The dream seems to happen in the Peruvian team, although only in training: they have been summoned to the microcycle by Juan Reynoso with a view to friendlies against Paraguay in Lima and Bolivia in Santa Cruz.

Both of them at some point were loaded with the backpack of being the successor of Paul Warrior. But only Alex, 27, managed to debut with the red and white. . He spent eleven minutes on the pitch in a 1-0 victory at the Mansiche stadium in Trujillo. The goal was scored by nothing more than the man for whom he entered the field of play.

Five days later, now at the UNSA Monument, in Arequipa, the ‘Tanque’ entered at 69 minutes by Andy Polo. He had more time and some highlights in the 3-1 win over Jamaica. But the eldest of the Succar was never summoned again.

Matías, meanwhile, was also summoned. However, he was unable to play. In October 2020, after the injuries of Nilson Loyola and Raziel Garciacoach Ricardo Gareca decided to call two forwards: Matthias Y alex valera. It was for the first dates of the Qatar 2022 Qualifiers in which the team was going to face Paraguay and Brazil.

The Fernández and García, the first

In 1935, for the 400th anniversary of the foundation of Lima, an extraordinary Copa América was played. For that tournament that had Uruguay as champion, the coach of the Peruvian team, Telmo Carbajo, summoned Arturo and Teodoro Fernandez Meyzan, of the U’; Already Domingo and Eulogio García Heredia, from Alianza Lima. It was the first time that two brothers wore the bicolor, although only the first three were starters in the national team: Arturo in defense, Domingo in the middle and ‘Lolo’ in attack.

Barely two years later, Alberto Denegri, then coach of the white and red team, summoned the brothers Jorge and Teodoro Mayor Millos, from SportBoys. Together with the Fernández Meyzán, they began a golden age for the national team. All four showed a good level at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, won the gold medal at the 1938 Bolivarian Games and became champions at the 1939 Copa América.

A particularity occurred in the South America of 1939, a tournament that saw Peru crowned for the first time. A year earlier, between the two they scored nine goals in the first edition of the Bolivarian Games. Both campuses were directed by Englishman Jack Greenwell.

There were also other cases of Peruvian brothers who played an official tournament wearing the red and white shirt on top of their skin. Félix and Juan Castillo Tardío (together in 1947), José and Jorge Soto Gómez (together in 1993, 1995, 1999 and 2001)Y Juan and Luis Hernandez Diaz (together in 2001) are some of them. But there are also blood relatives who represented Peru, but at different times: Pablo (1993) and Carlos Zegarra Zamora (2004), Walter (2001 and 2004) and Óscar Vílchez Soto (2016) Y Abel (2001) and Carlos Lobaton Mirror (2015).

soccer family

We must search the Pre-World to find the last resemblance to the Succar brothers, one brother summoned after the other. Oscar Vilchez Soto he was called in 2013, when we already had no chance of going to Brazil, nine years after his brother’s debut Walterwho also played in that qualifying process.

In October 2012, Raphael Farfan Quispe he played his only match for Qualifiers, in a draw against Bolivia. In another equality, this time against Argentina in 1996, he also made his only appearance for the Qualifiers, that of his brother Robert. The last antecedent together was Jorge and José Soto Gómez, on the first two dates heading to Germany 2006.

Julio Rivera Y Paolo Guerrero They are children of Petronila Gonzales. The ‘Coyote’ played in the Qualifiers for the United States 1994 and France 1998, while our current historical scorer for the bicolor debuted in 2004. The youngest of the heirs of ‘Doña Peta’ did qualify for the World Cup.

Abel (2000 debut) and Carlos Lobaton Mirror (2007), wilmar (1989) and Marco Valencia Pacheco (1993), Pablo (1993) and Carlos Zegarra-Zamora (2003) did too. Nemesio Mosquera Zegarra (1957) and Maximo Mosquera Jimenez (1965) is another case of half-siblings. Alfredo Mosquera Zegarra He was in the Copa America 1949.

Finally, there are other cases with one brother playing in an official tournament and the other not, such as Jose Del Solar Alvarez Calderonpresent in Qualifiers and Copa América, and Ferdinand, with only one friendly against Haiti in 2003 in his career. A similar situation more recently happened with Henry Y Ronald Quinteros Sanchez.


Source: Elcomercio

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