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The year is over for the ‘U’: What is known about those who leave, stay and those who come for 2023

“We do not have the Alianza Lima wallet, it is that simple. We manage and we are moving forward”, Jean Ferrari was justified, current administrator of the merengue institution, when asked about the nine years the club has been without winning the national title. Statements that did not sit well with the fans, who reminded him that at the end of 2021 he stated that for this year they were going to have “a great team” and they were going to be champions.

The truth is that Universitario, regardless of how many tickets they have saved, was far from the fight for the title. In fact, yesterday, Tuesday, November 1, they held the last training session of the season, on days when Melgar and Cristal prepare to face each other for the semifinals of League 1and Alianza continues to work while waiting for a rival for the grand final.

In the other disciplines he did not do well either. Or rather, not up to what the ‘U’ is looking for: champion.

As for the professional team, Universitario underwent big changes as soon as the season started. The Uruguayan coach Gregorio Pérez was the one who designed the team; however, he had to leave before League 1 started due to health problems. His place was temporarily occupied by Manuel Barreto, but then Álvaro Gutiérrez arrived. The charrúa led just eleven games (six losses, four wins and one draw) and was dismissed after being thrashed in the classic. Jorge ‘Coco’ Araujo took his place on an interim basis for eight games (3W, 3E and 2D) until Carlos Compagnucci took over (9V, 6E and 3D), who may remain in charge of the team for all of 2023.

There were a total of five technicians, of which the last four had to adopt the team designed by Gregorio Pérez. In addition to the departure of Alex Valera in the middle of the season and with controversy. The ‘U’ did not want to let him go because he was the scorer, but he had no other choice and lost a lot in the final stretch.

‘U’ 2022
Gregory PerezArmed campus
Manuel Barreto1100100%
Alvaro Gutierrezeleven41639.3%
Jorge Araujo833two42.8%
Carlos Compagnucci1896361%

balance of foreigners

The fan’s eye will always be on the foreign reinforcements, who are the ones who, in theory, should make the difference. However, that has not happened at Universitario this year. The tails from outside have not made a difference and most could leave the club.

Federico Alonso arrived in 2020 at cream store. He had two good seasons. However, in the latter he ceased to be the strong and solid defender who calmed down the defense. He played 29 games (2,160 minutes) and scored three goals, but in many conceded goals -such as the one scored by Hernán Barcos in the classic at the Monumental- he looked bad.

Angel Cayetano He arrived with great fanfare after being chosen as the best central midfielder in Uruguayan soccer. But he did not perform well and left in the middle of the season. In his place he arrived Claudius Jacobwho only played a couple of games and scored an own goal.

Luis Urruti He was always one of the most loved by merengue fans, but unfortunately he was seriously injured and missed much of the year. Hernan Novick Y Alberto Quintero They ceased to be fundamental pieces in the last part of the year and neither could reach a good number of goals.

those who stay

At Universitario they are already thinking about what the 2023 season will be. They consider that it is time to leave behind the bitter pill of the current season and the best thing is to prepare for a new year in which the objective will be to win the championship. Even the ‘Cream Night’ is already being planned, the event in which the club presents its squad and other disciplines.

“As a tentative date we have January 7 to develop the ‘Cream Night’, we already have knowledge of the 2023 calendar, so this would be a date with great possibilities”said Jean Ferrari.

At the moment there are 13 players who have a contract, among them are the foreigners Hernán Novick and Claudio Yacob. The Uruguayan is still not sure if he will stay although he could have a chance. However, the Argentine’s case is very complicated and the institution would be driving for a contract termination. Although the environment of the ‘Doll’ has stated that the midfielder wants to stay.

Those who have a contractEven when
H. Novick2023
P. Guzman2023
A. Calero2023
C. Jacob2023
T. Cantoro2023
D. Romero2024
J. Carhuallanqui2024
N. Cabanillas2024
F. Arevalo2024
B. Rivera2024
a. roe deer2024
P. Quispe2025

As for the renovations. Who would have everything ready to stamp their signature and extend their link is alexander succar. In case of Leonardo Rugel It is not yet one hundred percent confirmed and there could be news in the coming days.

Likewise, the ‘U’ will seek to reinforce itself with a forward and a central defender, both foreigners. Just as they are also looking at the possibility of looking for a left back in the middle that will compete with Nelson Cabanillas.

those who say goodbye

The last training session of the year also served to say goodbye to some players who have completed their cycle at Universitario. Nelinho Quina It is one of them. The center-back, who a few days ago indicated that he will wait for the call from the club, could leave after four years.

Alberto Quintero, who would play in Cienciano the next season and without occupying a place of foreigners to have been nationalized; Y Federico Alonso they would also let cream store. Gerson Barreto will follow the same path, William Larios Y Thiago Cantoro.

For its part, Rodrigo Vilca He will return to the Newcastle reserve of the English Premier League. The midfielder arrived on loan in the middle of the season and the ‘U’ has decided not to continue counting on him.

While the long-awaited star 27 once again eludes Universitario, the club has already started working on what will be next season. On December 5, the preseason will begin with the sole objective of lifting the national title again.

Source: Elcomercio

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