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A matter of wallets: How much are the squads of the seven great Peruvian soccer players really worth?

Now, with the closing of the tournament getting closer, the question arises as to what are the values ​​of the squads of the most important clubs in our Peruvian soccer and if those investments have really been worth it. The specialized portal Transfermarkt It helps us to know the value of these schools in the market:

According to the information provided, Sporting Crystal It is the Peruvian club with the highest value in the market. The investment of the ‘light blue’ this last season has led them to finish as first in the accumulated table and fight for a place in the final. Alianza Lima, the team from La Victoria, is escort on this list, followed by Melgarwho is also fighting to play in the final, and University, which is located in fourth place.

“We don’t have the Alianza wallet, it’s that simple. We manage and we are moving forward”, unfortunately stated Jean Ferrari, administrator of the cream club. The figures indicate the opposite: there is not a big difference in the workforce of the ‘U’ and Alianza. This could mean that more than a cost issue, it would be more of a management problem on the part of the Ate team.

On the other hand, this year many of the clubs have innovated with marketing actions that sought to involve their fans much more and encourage them to go to the stadiums to support their teams. “The experience with fans is something that was rarely seen in Peruvian soccer. We have seen it in the management of all the clubs, not just the three biggest: the ‘U’, Alianza and Cristal. But like Vallejo, who understood that football is not just 90 minutes of play, “ tells us Eduardo Flores, general manager of Toque Fino.

Food tours, games for the little ones and spending time with family and friends… Peruvian clubs have gone beyond just selling tickets. Undoubtedly, the greatest exponent of these actions this season has been Alianza Lima. “The club has been able to generate a sense of belonging among its fans, both for men’s and women’s football”, Flores points out, adding that they have taken advantage of every opportunity to favor their fans.

Alianza’s management this year has been one of the best in the season. Their actions have aimed not only to involve the fans but also to generate loyalty and a sense of belonging to the club. They offered the fan a 360 experience to go to the stadium with different culinary and traditional options for families and spectators who were in Matute. In addition, fun before and at halftime of the matches with innovative proposals such as the kiss camfacts that are seen and are usual in the stadiums of the United States.

They also installed the official blue and white store in Matute. This initiative has exclusive and collectible products for fans of the La Victoria club. To this was added that they gave exclusivity and priority to their subscribers for the purchase of tickets for men’s and women’s soccer matches with offers and discounts to support their teams. Alianza’s investment in these actions has resulted in great success and recognition by different institutions.

The manager of Toque Fino tells us that the income of the Peruvian clubs comes in three ways: television rights, which is the highest percentage for many clubs; sponsorships and ticket sales. If all this is added to marketing actions that make the fan loyal, the income could increase greatly. We will see if by 2023 these innovations are maintained, improved or become permanent to give Peruvian soccer a new look.

Source: Elcomercio

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