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Carlos Tévez stopped being DT of Rosario Central: what was the reason for his departure?

Surprise in Argentina. Carlos Tevezat a press conference, announced that he will no longer be coach of Central Rosary despite the fact that he had a valid contract until June 2023. What was the reason for this decision of the ‘Apache’?

“I’m going to step aside. I want to thank people for banking me. It was a very, very good relationship. It is not convenient for anyone that I follow. I don’t want to be a hindrance to anyone,” she began by saying.

“As I said from the first days, I do not come here to do politics. It’s not a fair game, because I’m not from the house. I am a technical director and I wanted to do what was best for Central. I was not going to allow myself to get into a game that is not normal, nor even. I come to do good for Central”, he added.

“When they want to put my name in politics, I will not allow it. I will not give names. It also seems like a serious process to me. The most normal thing is that people work with the new pass market. If the opposition wins or this leadership wins. I can’t put together a team in such a short time. It becomes very difficult to look ahead. The elections had to be held a month ago, they shouldn’t have happened by December. It grabs us all in the middle. You don’t know who to talk to. Or if they throw it away for next year, we spend three or four months with people angry because they can’t vote, going to the field to whore. I don’t see him as a future, that’s why I think it’s best, thinking of Central, to step aside”, said Carlos Tévez about the current director of the institution.

It is worth mentioning that Rosario Central faces an election process with numerous lists: Ricardo Carloni (current president), Gonzalo Belloso, Juan Cruz Rodríguez, Diego Lavezzi and Mario Moretti. The agreed date for the elections is December 18.

Numbers of Carlos Tévez in Rosario Central

The ex-soccer player led the ‘Canalla’ in 24 games, registering 6 wins, 11 draws and 7 losses.

Source: Elcomercio

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