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How did Juan Pablo Goicochea go in his first training session with the Alianza Lima first team?


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The young striker Lima AllianceJuan Pablo Goicochea, has caused a sensation in different fans of the ‘Blue and White’ club, some are even asking for the official debut of ‘Potrillo’ in League 1, however, Carlos Bustos has not yet given any signs that this will happen soon, since, for the moment, Goicochea trains with the reserve.


However, the 17-year-old soccer player had his first training session with the Alianza Lima first team a few weeks ago and was not out of tune, his speed and strength left good feelings in the coaching staff and teammates.

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In an interview with Ovación, Juan Pablo tells how it went. “The first time I went up to first team training I was nervous and the first one who spoke to me was Hernán Barcos, then Ballón and Míguez. Barcos advised me that I should improve my back game. With the ‘teacher’ Bustos I spoke very little because I didn’t have much opportunity to train with the group”.


Later, he talked about his abilities and strengths. “I am fast, powerful, I like to grab the ball and go forward, I like to face. I am not a striker who stays in the area, I like to pick myself up. Among the things that I feel I have to work on is the back game and the aerial game”.

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Source: Elcomercio

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