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“Obsessed with you”: Lapadula’s post after scoring officially with Cagliari | VIDEO


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Great present for one of the referents of the peruvian national team. Gianluca Lapadula debuted with a goal in the first round of the Italian Cup against Perugia and served to reverse the unfavorable score and qualify for the next phase.


His entry in the second half would be vital for the local team because they fell 2-1 after the end of the first half. In this context, Cagliari’s attack zone began to press until the rival’s error was achieved.

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Zito Luvumbo, a player of Angolan nationality, would overflow down the right wing and would be shot down in the Perugia area. The main judge would decree a penalty in his favor despite the fact that the VAR recommended reviewing the play.

Finally, Lapadula did her job and did not spare Gori. Later, his club would take the opportunity to praise his victory with a postcard from ‘El bambino’.

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In this way, the Peruvian team would also be encouraged to post the pass achieved to the next round of this edition of the Italian Cup. “Obsessed with you,” he noted on his Twitter account (referring to the ball).

The athlete’s followers did not hesitate to express their joy and for the excellent start that the Blanquirroja attacker had.

A few days ago, Lapadula expressed his excitement for the new challenge in his career. “I’ve been a rival on several occasions, today I’m wearing the colors red and blue and I really want to do well. In recent years there had been the possibility of landing in Sardinia, this time everything has materialized “commented for the official channel of Cagliari.


What comes now for Cagliari and Lapadula is the premiere in the new season of the Italian Second Division league. The first meeting is scheduled for this Saturday, August 13, against Como, at 1:45 pm (Peruvian time).

Source: Elcomercio

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