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‘The right time for a new challenge’: OGC Nice’s new star Kasper Schmeichel confesses


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The 35-year-old Danish goalkeeper made the strongest impression. Physique of an actor, charisma of a star and perfectly calibrated statements. Hardly landed on shore, the Viking already has the stature of a vice-captain. “All goalkeepers have to be good on the feet, that’s the case with Kasper for sure. He had a great career at Leicester. Nine years there, you have to. We’re good there.” Lucian Favre smiled.

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Kasper, why leave the Premier League and Leicester at 35 to join Nice?

It was time for a new challenge. Leicester, everyone knows it, is a club that I love, where I spent many years. It was difficult to leave family members, it was a difficult decision to make. But it is a challenge to grow as a footballer and as a man, to learn a new language, it is a great project for my family as well. Above all, there are the ambitions of Ineos to make a great club, to leave a mark on football. it resembles what I experienced in Leicester, it was very convincing to me.

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How were the contacts made?

Through my agent, he informed me of the interest of the club and his project. I spoke with Dave Brailsford, he told me about the project, the coach, I was convinced after our discussions. In football there are feelings, you have to trust people. After our discussions, that’s what I felt.

You are the headliner of this recruitment. Do you feel any pressure to lead the future of OGC Nice?

I definitely don’t feel like a headliner. My role will be to provide a solid foundation as a goalkeeper, to represent the club well on and off the pitch. It will be my part of the job to help my teammates win the team.

Grandpa Mendy, Ricardo, did you talk about the club with ex-Leicester Aiglons before you signed?

I talked to them, they told me a lot of nice things about the club and the employees. That they maintained a family link with the club helped me think. It is always positive.

You will also find Kasper Dolberg in Nice. You spoke with him?

It was natural to interact with him. In a team like Denmark, we necessarily follow the results of our teammates. We communicate a lot. I haven’t seen Kasper’s games, I can’t speak about his performance at the club. But when he plays for the national team he shows his incredible qualities, his talent. But Nice has a great player, that’s for sure. I look forward to helping you succeed in Nice.

You discovered Marcin Bulka a few days ago…

We have a great group of goalkeepers, we work together very closely. It is important to have harmony. I was very well received, I hope to transmit a lot to them and also learn from them.

You will find the French team at the World Cup in Qatar…

Denmark and France are always in the same group in the big competitions. It seems to me that it was 80% of the time the case in the last thirty years (smile). France is one of the best teams in the world, it will be a great challenge for us.


Author: William Humberset

Source: Nice Matin

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