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When Claudio Pizarro asked Juan Reynoso for the national team more than a decade ago


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With Manuel Burga at the head of the FPF, the task seemed complicated. Names like Sergio Markarián, Gerardo Pelusso, Gerardo Martino and even Luis Fernando Suárez sounded. Meanwhile, from the local media a name appears: Juan Reynoso. At that technical moment of Universitario, he was the 2009 local champion and in the 2010 Libertadores he reached the round of 16.

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The World Cup in South Africa was approaching, the time limit that had been set in the federation to choose the new coach. But already many voices suggested their candidates. Germán Leguía, at that time manager of Universitario, was the first to propose Juan Reynoso. However, cream president Jaime León Pallete suggested that his technician not take the diver at that time.

Claudia’s words

In the midst of that juncture, a voice caught his attention. From Germany, Claudio Pizarro – erased by Chemo from the previous process – also gave his opinion on the matter in an interview with RPP on May 18. The then Werder Bremen scorer was very clear about Juan Reynoso, today the coach of the Peruvian team.

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“They are taking a little while. We need to play friendly matches”, complained Pizarro. Chemo’s last match was in December and five months later it was still not defined who was going to replace him.

“If I had to say a name, I would say Juan Reynoso, without a doubt. I had him as captain of the national team, I didn’t have much contact with him, but from what little I saw, I think he is someone who can handle a national team and I think he has been showing that he is a good coach “Claudius declared.

Pizarro and Reynoso played together for the Peruvian national team in 1999, in friendlies and in the Copa América in Paraguay. “The most important thing is that a capable coach arrives, who wants to fight and take us to a World Cup. That he is not a puppet of the leadership of the federation and that he can make the decisions, “added Pizarro.

In the middle there was consensus for Juan Reynoso to be the coach of the Peruvian team. “He is a boy with a great future. He can lead,” Aníbal ‘Maño’ Ruiz, a San Martín coach at the time, told him in El Comercio. “He has done a lot of merit,” said Gustavo Costas, Alianza technician, and even Chemo del Solar himself named Reynoso. “He is a serious, responsible, hard-working guy. He could be the coach.”

Juan Reynoso responds

However, in Ate, John Reynoso I thought something different. In an interview for CMD, the same technician explained his position regarding being a Bicolor technician. “My idea after the ‘U’ is to go abroad and continue growing and improving as a coach. In Mexico it can be, I am a coach who has a Mexican background”he declared.

But beyond ‘rejecting’ the fact of being a national team coach, Juan Reynoso also gave his opinion on what that position meant and how one should work in the position. “”In the first place, the next coach of the national team must have the unconditional support of everyone. Beyond that to bring it, he must be able. But whoever comes you have to give the best, and right now Videna is not the best. (…) if we want to aspire to a World Cup, let’s imitate the good of the elite, and this costs “noted in that interview.

Reynoso’s internationalization came two years later. After cutting his job at the ‘U’ in July 2010, he went on to direct Juan Aurich and the following year he directed Cristal -Oblitas was the sports manager-. In May 2012 he was presented as the auxiliary 1 (assistant) of Guillermo Vázquez del Cruz Azul, who at that time had 15 years without a championship.

Time passed and for Claudio Pizarro, the conditions of Juan Reynoso remained in force. “I’m sure that Juan is he next candidate to be the technician Peru National Team. I am not sure if it will be in the following years, but I am sure that it has a good chance of being the technical of the National Team,” he declared last year at a conference in Germany. “Has shown skills to be a good technicianfirst in Peru and now in Mexico. Of course it was special for him and for Blue Cross to be champions again after many years”, he highlighted.

Today, John Reynoso He is already the technician of the Bicolor. Last Thursday he was in Arequipa watching Melgar-Inter for the Copa Sudamericana and this Sunday he will be in Cusco to watch the match between Cienciano and Universitario. His work has already started.



Source: Elcomercio

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