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My wish for the Centennial: recognized fans of the ‘U’ share their dreams for the 98th anniversary


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These are days of celebration for cream fans for their 98th anniversary. But it should also be a time of reflection. It’s been a long time since Universitario de Deportes has been going through a leadership path that hasn’t allowed it to take off at a sporting level. Two years after the Centenary, it is urgent to straighten the path. Total Sport asked a dozen ‘creams’ about what they dream for the club of their loves. This was what they told us.


What do you dream for Universitario, two years after its Centenary?

1. Juan Carlos Ortecho – Head of Sports RPP

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“I dream of being a five year old and seeing the red ‘U’ in a circle on the cream background. I dream of not understanding what the words mean: creditors, debt, crisis, mercenary, traitor. I dream that I only care about shouting the goals of my grandfather’s team, my father’s, my son’s. University of Sports of Peru. my club Handsome and elegant.”

2. Pedro Tenorio – Host of Latina TV

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“A national championship to start with. But above all, a team that inspires its unconditional fans with grit and professionalism, and leaders who love the ‘U’ more than their own interests”.

3. Edward Mezones-Holguín – Epidemiologist and researcher

“In principle, winning the centenary is something that has a lot of symbolism. In addition, in the medium and long term, to have a transparent sports organization, with a debt paid off and significant investment in smaller divisions with a comprehensive approach, in order to turn it into an export pool. That all the fans row in one direction to make a great campaign in the Libertadores, that leaves a mark, as it happened before”.

4. Carlos Felipe Barrientos – Marketing Department at Sports University

“With the professionalization and reengineering on the way -in all its areas- to lay the foundations for the future of the club. It is important to leave a legacy and a more organized club. With a more united fan base and working together to make the institution bigger and bigger and -definitively- champion and with a semifinal (or final) of the Copa Libertadores de América”.

5. Stefano Peschiera – Peruvian sailor

“All that a ‘U’ fan dreams of is obtaining another title and why not think about achieving something in the Copa Libertadores. I also want there to be stability in the team, in the technical command and the board, that makes a team consistent. That it is a professional team and that it gives us a lot of joy”.

6. Germán Leguía – Former ‘U’ soccer player

“My biggest dream for the ‘U’ is for it to be the same as before. That I don’t have Gremco or Sunat on me, that these issues from the creditors’ meeting disappear and all that because the club deserves better.

7. José Luis ‘Puma’ Carranza – Former ‘U’ soccer player

“What I want most for my club is for it to get out of all the extra-sports problems and let’s talk about football. The ‘U’ is a big club that deserves to have the best players and coaches in order to always be among the first places. For that it has to be handled in the best way and that there is a good atmosphere”.

8. Luis ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe – Former ‘U’ soccer player

“I dream that the ‘U’ returns to the place it deserves. To champion and achieve that star 27 that all the fans are anxiously awaiting. That the U be that club that all fans know, fighting for the first places. I want the essence of the U to return, the grit and unconditional dedication that makes us feel proud to be part of its history and of a club that loves the shirt”.

9. José Alfredo Madueño – President of the Lolo Collective


“Let the ‘U’ be the ‘U’ again. May it exist again as an authentic social and sports institution. A healthy club, free from the yoke of its creditors and the administrations imposed by them; a club where members choose with no interest other than to seek the best management, and where their fans aspire to be members with a critical eye and not just customers”.

Source: Elcomercio

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