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PMU – Arrival of the Five Monday 14 November in Bordeaux: Gale Stead is “magical” with his twelfth straight win.

This was expected and did not disappoint. Winner of the last eleven games, Stead roller (No. 7) achieved the twelfth success in a row. Spared during the first lap by Anthony Barrier, the resident of Charles-Antoine Mary spoke in class a kilometer from the target. After taking the lead, he never worried and fully proved his potential by winning the first event of the week played for the occasion in the Gironde. “He’s magical! Bullshit (sic) to train such horses, ”his mentor rejoiced at the Equidia microphone, while specifying that he did not yet know what his protégé’s program would be.

Considered “leaders of the opposition” in our Monday edition, Gaz d’Ocagnier (#2) and Ingo (No. 10), respectively the second and fourth, responded to those present, but could not stop the incredible ascent of the winner. With a good start, the first named could not keep the lead in the race at the start of the opposite line, but held on to the end. As for the second, he finished well, failing to counterattack. Fakir Honored (No. 13), which completes the podium at the end of the pleasant end of the race. Constantly seen in the first third of the peloton Gabriella Duem (No. 3) finished fifth in the top five, during which the most outstanding horses did not disappoint their many riders.

Source: Le Parisien

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