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The show was Cueva | OPINION


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There is much to say about performances like this. The show was christian cave and once again it is shown that the peruvian team has a dependency on what his 10 talent does.

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Christian Cueva is that player who dares to do anything even when everything seems to be against the current. In a match where Peru was unclear and Paraguay was the one in control of the ideas, the midfielder entered to take possession of the ball.

With daring and personality -because you have to know how to face the Paraguayans, you have to dare to collide with Gustavo Gómez-, Christian Cueva showed the way. That mischievous game that tango likes and identifies us.

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Perhaps Juan Reynoso favors control of the ball, which is why he again bid for the branded double midfielder, with Aquino and Cartagena, but he knows that Peru depends on what Cueva does and that is why the change was made at halftime.

He faced and the play ended in the corner from which Valera’s goal was born. Stepped and huacha to get away from the mark, spend three fingers to look for Reyna. That is Christian Cueva, an improved version of the one that took us to a World Cup, a version that seeks to take us to another.

Source: Elcomercio

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