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The Cuevadependencia and the evil that Reynoso must find a cure for | OPINIONS

It has been 24 hours of qualifying for christian cave, all good. The ’10’ of the peruvian team He showed that it is from whom Juan Reynoso must face his process: mischief to play, control to have it, daring in the passes.

However, what the technician is looking for is to test the material he has. Thus, today he already knows that Carlos Ascues is a reliable center back –not a midfielder– both to play out and to clear everything that moves, that Bryan Reyna has something to contribute in attack, that Araujo can give him security, but not a way out. He knows that the Cartagena-Aquino duo gives him that dedication that he demands so much.

But you should also point out that while he has many variants, it will be difficult for him to have one for when Cueva is not around or when he has a drop in level.

Cave and 10 more?

“In three months, the national team already has its stamp,” journalist Mariano López tells us. “Centres with a good footing, a combative double ‘5’, wide wingers. The coach’s hand is evident, ”he assures. What worries him is the ‘Cuevadependencia’. “Without him, who is able to assume that role?” he wonders. Sergio Peña could be the first name. Then there are Jairo Concha and Piero Quispe.

“Cueva’s is remarkable. The bad thing is that we continue to depend on him, there is no other that looks like it, even a little and that can take its toll”, Tabatha Belén, a journalist for Best Cable Sports, also tells us.

“I would have liked to see Quispe. I don’t understand much that he has taken it to all 3 games and he hasn’t played it for a single minute. In Arequipa he has to do it, ”adds the journalist. Quispe is one of those called to replace Cueva, but he has not yet had minutes in the Bicolor.

Before the Cueva Theme, Vladimir Vicentelo points out that winning in the first home game is always important, and even more so for a new process like Juan Reynoso’s. In the bad, he also points to Cueva’s unit. “The national team plays differently when Christian plays well. That’s good for him, but bad for the team. It is good that we have it like this, but we continue with that dependency. It is a point to correct, perhaps the team should work differently, but work well without it, ”he says.

It is the first screenshot of Peru de Reynoso. Tomorrow is the friendly against Bolivia in Arequipa and surely more variants will be seen in the eleven.

the variants

“The good thing is that the universe is expanding,” Vladimir tells us. And that shows. Faces like Ascues and Duarte returned, Bryan Reyna and the Succar brothers joined, among others.

Juan Reynoso was clear in the first two friendlies. He played with one team against Mexico and with another against El Salvador. He now made more variants against Paraguay and it is expected that players like Castillo, Concha, Liza and the aforementioned Quispe can have chances against Bolivia this Saturday.

Thus, he will continue testing to be able to consolidate not only an eleven, but also the group with which he will start the Qualifiers in March. In this graph we show you the three teams that could be assembled with the usual starters and the new ones summoned by Reynoso.

Source: Elcomercio

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