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Bruno Fernandes explained what happened on stage with Cristiano Ronaldo that sparked controversy

Cristiano Ronaldo’s controversial statements about Manchester United, in an interview with journalist Piers Morgan, had a lot of repercussions. It was even speculated that his words caused some differences with his compatriot Bruno Fernandes, with whom he is a teammate in the ‘Red Devils’.

A few days after that episode, Fernandes came out to clarify the issue and referred to the supposed crossover with ‘CR7’. This, after the Portuguese team showed a video without audio of a not very effusive greeting that the midfielder gave the striker when he entered the locker room of the team preparing for the World Cup in Qatar.

“I haven’t read Cristiano Ronaldo’s interview, so I’m fine with that topic. I’ve said it before, now is the time to focus on the national team and Portugal. This has been very clear since 2017, when I joined. The selection. What matters most here is the team and us as a whole. We have to be focused on the World Cup because it doesn’t happen that often.”Fernandes began by telling Sky Sports, after the victory (4-0) over Nigeria, in a friendly.

Moments later, the flyer made it clear that it was all a joke. “I was watching a television channel, saying that it was a cold greeting, that it was a bad situation, like 45 minutes, suddenly they go to recess, the Federation sends the version with the audio, which reveals that he made a joke on me. We joke with each other.”he pointed.

Likewise, Bruno emphasized that attention is now focused on the World Cup. “Manchester United will be my focus after the World Cup, preferably after December 18, the date of the final. I have no problems with anyone. I do my job. A coach once told me, ‘The only thing you can control is yourself.’ So I think everyone else thinks so too.”sentenced.

With Cristiano Ronaldo and Bruno Fernandes, surely in the starting team, Portugal will make its debut in the World Cup this Thursday, November 24, facing Ghana, from 11:00 am (Peruvian time) and 4:00 pm (Portuguese time).

Source: Elcomercio

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