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Getting used to winning with fairness: the philosophy of Reynosismo | CHRONICLE


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Winning is the most important thing in football. Sometimes we forget. But if we Peruvians have learned any lesson in recent times, it is that we cannot play without thinking about goals. In love with the sombrero, the taco, and the huacha, we built a reputation on the continent for being as virtuous as the Brazilians. But we did not stop to reflect with the same intensity on our inefficiency to carry out the results.

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Today we are led by a strategist, like Juan Reynoso, who is obsessed with making his teams insurmountable. A coach whose goal is to make it very difficult for others to score against them. Based on this defensive solidity, he proposes an offense that makes the stopped ball one of his great flags.

Reynoso’s teams take care of the advantage as if it were booty. If they get ahead on the scoreboard, they are cautious in leaving spaces to look for the second. They have that tranquility not to go crazy and be left with nothing due to the enthusiasm of wanting to score one goal and another. Bettors must have understood this by now. If not, they will suffer the consequences.

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The Peruvian team has three consecutive victories. It is a fact that should not go unnoticed. In a new process, winning gives confidence. Validate the job. It is always better to correct in victory than to correct in defeat. Except for the initial setback against Mexico, Peru has thrashed El Salvador and has beaten Paraguay and Bolivia just enough, two rivals they will meet in the Qualifiers. If the Guarani are in the middle of a restructuring stage to recover their old spirits, the Bolivians are just getting to know their new coach, the Argentine Gustavo Costas, an acquaintance of ours.

Yesterday, in Arequipa, the Bicolor did not play its most attractive match. But it helped Reynoso to continue observing those who want to make a place for themselves. There are seven players that the ‘Cabezón’ has made debut in the selection in just four games. He has taken seriously that “enlarging the universe.” With another coach, Roberto Villamarín would hardly have had an opportunity as a right-hand marker, to cite an example.

If something has become clear in the matches against Paraguay and Bolivia, it is that We don’t have a one-man band with the stubbornness of Christian Cueva. Quispe is still a chick. And ‘Canchita’ Gonzales has other characteristics. Although he has not said it, another of the tasks of Reynoso’s technical command is to avoid codependency.

Peru vs.  Bolivia: international friendly in Arequipa (Photo: Giancarlo Ávila/GEC)

That Luis Iberico has scored the winning goal, after a genius from Cueva, should not surprise anyone. Iberico is in his best moment. Already against Paraguay he had warned with two shots in the minutes he had to play. We have gained a striker who sees everything bow. He won’t be a paragon of virtue, but he’s not afraid to finish off again and again.

Positive that Bryan Reyna settles in the selection. We do not have too many confrontational extremes. And the best years of André Carrillo are over. This is how a year closes, with great expectations for the Qualifiers. Protecting zero and winning with fairness is a philosophy that the average fan is not used to, but should. It will happen more than once in the Reynoso era. Winning is the watchword. And it’s OK.


Source: Elcomercio

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