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“Although many are not convinced, I think England will strike a blow at this World Cup”

He has a strong devotion to Harry Kane and she is sure that she will be the star of this World Cup. Ornella Palumbo is a sports journalist and panelist every Sunday on ‘Todo Fútbol’ through the TV Peru signal. Her passion for her sport led her to dedicate herself to this field where she discovered an infinity of stories to tell. The 2018 World Cup in Russia and the qualification in Peru filled with emotion like many Peruvians. Today at the gates of living Qatar 2022 looking forward to the new World Cup event.

– Who is your candidate to win the World Cup in Qatar 2022? Why?

I think England is going to hit. While some are not sold on it as a collective, I think it has a mix of experienced players alongside younger players, most of whom have the vertigo of the Premier League. Every weekend they play at a pace that cannot be matched by any league in the world. Obviously I have great expectations for Brazil’s participation due to their individualities, how they have arrived, how they passed the Qualifiers. And, on the other hand, also inevitably for Argentina, for this Latin American link that brings us closer to Argentina and Messi, and because it is one of the few teams where you can see a well-established collective work.

– Who will be the scorer in Qatar 2022?

In relation to who my candidate is, I put the chip on Harry Kane. But anything can happen (laughs).

– Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or Mbappé?

Without a doubt Messi, I think we all have empathy with him and we want him to do well. It must be borne in mind that, in this last stage of his career, Messi has become a different player, more of a midfielder, more of a playmaker and perhaps with less presence in goal than before.

– Where do you watch the World Cup?

In my house, on TV or on the computer. I would even say the first game of the day in my bed (laughs), because all the games are going to be super early. Safe eating breakfast.

– Do you have any World Cup cabal?

No, not really. If Peru were participating it would be something else, but I have never been one for cabals.

– Do you bet or play any dick?

Yes, a family dick that we have with my family and friends. So I’ve already been looking at my forecasts there.

– What is the first World Cup you remember or the one you saw first?

The first one that I have consciously seen has been Russia 2018. Before, for me it was a sporting event that was on the news. I could see one or another party. When I started working on this, I began to see it in greater depth.

– How much impact did it have on you?

I think that the fact that the team will qualify generated a special bond with the team because I had the opportunity to be there on qualifying day, so it was like being there from the beginning of that World Cup process: from the playoffs until the game was played. World. I believe that journalists are lucky to witness events that over time become historical.

– Does the World Cup really paralyze you?

I don’t know if that much. I would tell you that the expectation is a little lower than the feeling that I remember I had for other World Cups. Russia is the exception because our generation was seeing Peru in a World Cup for the first time.

– What is missing for the women’s soccer world cup to attract this attention? Will it ever be done?

I think that what is happening in general with women’s football has to happen, which is that each institution that participates in the football spectacle does more of its part. As well as that the news media give it more coverage, that the companies that manage the rights put it on platforms that reach more viewers, that the sponsors get in the car and obviously that the women’s teams that are not fully developed or professionalized keep on that path and try to step on the gas to cut the gaps. So that the women’s World Cup is not between four or five teams that have a well-developed system.

– What do you think of those who still believe that women don’t know about football?

I would say that it is a comment that is already old, from a bygone era for the current times. I think that tastes in general have no gender and football does not have to have it.

Source: Elcomercio

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