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World Cup 2022: Al-Dawsari’s magic sequence puts Saudi Arabia ahead of Argentina

He controlled a harmless ball and turned it into a goal at this World Cup start. At the 53rd minute of the game, Argentina falls behind, Saudi Arabia is forced by a magnificent achievement. After a shot parried by the Argentine defense, Salem Mohammed Al-Dawsari inherited the skin on the left flank. Change of direction, passing the ball behind the pivot foot, double contact, false body and three opponents in the wind, after which the left winger catapulted the ball into the opposite corner from Emiliano Martinez. Fabulous.

The goalkeeper had only to reflect the blow, Paredes’s tackle was late, and the Argentina national team was behind in the score (1-2). Lionel Messi opened the scoring with a generous penalty in the 10th minute, and Albiceleste had enough chances to take the lead in the first half, including three offside goals.

Saudi Arabia returned from the locker room with new ambitions. Salem Mohammed Al-Dawseri equalized in 49th before this five-star sequence from Riyadh’s Al-Hilal player.

Source: Le Parisien

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