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Japan and Saudi Arabia record unprecedented data in World Cup history for beating Germany and Argentina | PHOTO

Japan and Saudi Arabia record unprecedented data in World Cup history for beating Germany and Argentina | PHOTO

We did not have to wait that long to witness surprising results in Qatar 2022. Just in the initial duels of the first day, Argentina and Germany, two usual candidate teams in each edition of the World Cup, could not against the organized representatives of Arabia Saudi and Japan.

On Tuesday, the Albiceleste fell against the Saudi team 2-1. This Wednesday, the Germans fell by the same result against the Japanese. In both cases, the big favorites started their matches up on the scoreboard, but the opponents were able to react to come back and celebrate those three valuable points.

The successes achieved by Japan and Saudi Arabia, without a doubt, went around the entire planet. Not only that, the bumps left a piece of information that will remain in the history of the World Cup. For more details, Mr. Chip. The Spaniard launched on his social networks what happened with the falls of Argentines and Germans.

“Two teams from the Asian continent (Saudi Arabia and Japan) have defeated two world champions (Argentina and Germany) in the same edition for the first time in the entire history of the World Cup (and both come from behind)”pointed out the renowned statistician in relation to the unprecedented event in this competition.

To review, the representative currently led by Lionel Scaloni lifted the trophy twice: Argentina 1978 and Mexico 1986. Meanwhile, the team now led by Hansi Flick has four world titles: Switzerland 1954, Germany 1974, Italy 1990 and Brazil 2014. Intimidating titles for anyone, but not for the Japanese and Saudis at the premiere.

What happens if you lose the first game of the World Cup?

Mister Chip reviewed what happened to the teams that lost in the debut of the World Cup, such as Argentina and Germany. To do this, the Spaniard considered the following criteria: from the moment three points are awarded to the winner and the first two from each zone qualify.

According to the journalist, only two national teams came back to win first place in the table. Six made it to the second box. That is to say, a total of eight passed the round of 16. While 26 representatives were third and 39 casts were fourth. Consequently, 65 eliminated.

Source: Elcomercio