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World Cup: “Who will be the best player of the tournament? Olivier Giroud, Ibrahimovic praises French striker


Four questions, one answer. For Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Olivier Giroud will be the most outstanding player of the 2022 World Cup. In Media Question 433, the former Paris Saint-Germain player sees his teammate at Milan collecting individual honors in Qatar.

“Who will be the best player? “: Olivier Giroud. “Who will be the top scorer?”: Olivier Giroud. Who will surprise us? “: “I support my friend Olivier Giroud.” And finally, “Who will be the most talented in the competition? “: “Olivier Giroud, because he is still young, and if I say that he is young, then I am too,” Zlatan laughed.

Thanks to his brace against Australia, the former Gunner is currently at the top of the World Cup scorer rankings. How to please the Swedish weather forecaster. Aside from the whimsical tone, the interview given by the 41-year-old reveals collusion between the two players in Lombardy. Ibrahimovic’s return to the Rossoneri coincides with Milan’s resurgence. Giroud joined him and resumed his activities in Italy.

On the Canal+ microphone, the Scandinavian giant has already praised his teammate’s qualities and called on Didier Deschamps to choose him for the World Cup: “Fat in the national team? Yes. He is a winner, a serious man. He’s not someone who’s going to score 40 goals a year, but he brings something to the team that few bring because he’s not selfish on the pitch. He plays for everyone. And this time there was certainly no irony in his speech.

Source: Le Parisien



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