SportsWorld Cup: Saudi defender knocked out his goalkeeper, operated...

World Cup: Saudi defender knocked out his goalkeeper, operated on the pancreas


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The collision was impressive, and the consequences of the impact are no less impressive. Saudi defender Yasser Al-Shahrani asked for a ‘prayer’ after undergoing pancreatic surgery at a Riyadh hospital. The Al Hilal player took the brunt of his goalkeeper’s knees against Argentina on Tuesday. According to Tyc Sports, he suffered a concussion and a broken jaw, as well as internal injuries to his chest and abdomen, as well as internal bleeding.

Deployed to Germany on the orders of Saudi Prime Minister Mohammed bin Salman, he will not return to the training camp of the team that beat Argentina to one of the greatest World Cup achievements. “I want to assure you of my health, I am better. Don’t forget to pray for me. Congratulations on the victory. Thank you,” Al-Shahrani wrote on social media after his federation confirmed the success of his operation.

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On Tuesday, the defender made a heroic performance before passing out. He was taken care of by medical personnel and remained on the ground for long minutes before being evacuated on a stretcher with two thumbs up to show that he was conscious.

In honor of its heroes, Saudi Arabia declared a public holiday the day after the victory.

Source: Le Parisien

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