SportsPSG: Messi and Neymar 'more phenomenal than him', Daniel...

PSG: Messi and Neymar ‘more phenomenal than him’, Daniel Alves attacks Kylian Mbappe


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Daniel Alves, 39, playing in the new World Cup with Brazil, is not used to keeping his opinions to himself. The proof in this interview is provided by Gazzetta dello Sport, broadcast this Thursday, when Selecao will take part in the World Cup in Qatar against Serbia in the evening (at 20:00). An interview in which the right side attacks Kylian Mbappe, also present in the Gulf emirate with the Blues, with whom he played two seasons (2017-2019) at PSG.

“A great player should always know and understand who he is playing with, teammates enrich your qualities,” said the former Barça defender. Mbappe is a phenomenon (ed. note: as he has already pointed out in the past), who still has not understood that those who play with him in attack are more phenomena than himself. By not naming them in this sentence, Daniel Alves is obviously referring to Lionel Messi and Neymar, two men he played with in Catalonia.

“You must be smart”

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“Neymar and Messi are unique: they see and do what no one else sees or can do. You have to be smart to take advantage of the potential of Neymar and Messi, two football geniuses. As for me, I think I’m good with the ball, but when I played with Leo, I gave it to him. And if I play with Ney, then I give it to him. If Mbappe passes the ball to these two, he will score 150 goals. »

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Comments on a link to Daniel Alves’ closeness with two players, specifically his rebounding partner. However, relations between Kylian Mbappe and Neymar falter in Paris, with tensions rising between the two stars at the start of the season over the choice of a penalty taker in Paris.

Source: Le Parisien

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