SportsWorld Cup: Udea-Castera urges Blues to use their 'freedom...

World Cup: Udea-Castera urges Blues to use their ‘freedom space’ to position themselves


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Amélie Oudea-Castera takes a different line than Noel Le Grae on the issue of human rights in Qatar. At the microphone of the “Public Senate” channel, the Minister of Sports reacted to the protest gesture of the Germans, who covered their mouths, condemning the ban on wearing the “One Love” headband. The former CEO of the French Tennis Federation invited the Blues to speak out.

“I believe that the decision taken by FIFA to ban this One Love armband did not end with an ink spill. Would I like to have a space of complete freedom? The answer is definitely yes. Are there places of freedom where our French team can continue to express their commitment to human rights? The answer is yes, she said. The Germans show it. I think everything will continue. »

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Besides the Germans, the British knelt before their victory over Iran, the Belgians, the Dutch and the Americans also met and played football with the migrants. In addition, Denmark publicly opposed the re-election of Gianni Infantino as head of FIFA.

Amélie Oudea-Castera also believes the Blues have “still weeks ahead” during which “they can freely express themselves”., use these spaces of freedom to convey their messages.” The Blues, she said, have “these values” in them and “belong to a country that holds them high, and it’s important that they be their representatives.”

The minister also recalled that the French team had already “expressed their commitment to human rights and the ecological transition in the letter they wrote and in this important gesture, in this commitment they made to mobilize the Generation 2018 fund to support the NGOs in charge of it. protection”

Source: Le Parisien

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