SportsWhy have Asians grown and South Americans not moving...

Why have Asians grown and South Americans not moving forward?


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The spectacular Doha Metro reaches the eight World Cup stadiums. Its level of comfort, convenience and modernism is amazing. It was built for the great soccer tournament, but 600,000 people already use it daily, especially to go to work. It is part of the vast national development plan of this minimal territory that seeks to become a business and financial hub. Everything is calculated. Until the local population increases. Of the current 2,650,000 inhabitants, less than 20% are nationals. In twenty years the human map will change radically, the children of the hundreds of thousands of immigrants will be native Qataris and the percentages will be reversed. How hundreds of billions of dollars have been invested from that sea of ​​oil and gas that lies beneath the desert sand. What until thirty years ago was a dune wasteland with tents and camels is now a phenomenal center of business opportunities and prosperity. The money is in the street, it is seen on the highways, in the hospitals, in the schools, in the automobile fleet, in consumption, in the general standard of living. And in forty years, when hydrocarbons run out, it will be a very advanced country that will live off its investments.

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“We come here because there is a lot of money and employment”, tells us Anuar, a Pakistani, Uber driver. There are more than two million foreigners from India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Kenya, Sudan, the Philippines, Tunisia, Algeria and, in general, Africa and Asia. There was a high shortage of professionals, but they have brought in architects, engineers, doctors, and created a number of universities. In a generation, there will be thousands of professionals. And they will be pure Qataris. Bolivia has a new treasure: lithium. Hopefully its extraction and production will focus on improving the quality of life of its people. They will do it…?

It is true that the first date of the group stage has just ended and it is risky to predict or draw conclusions. However, the commentary of journalists in general goes through the football awakening of Asia. For the first time he placed six teams in the World Cup. South America, which always had more representatives, this time fell to four because Peru lost to Australia. Already in the participation there is an important difference. Then came unexpected victories for Saudi Arabia and Japan over Argentina and Germany, no less. And Korea’s draw yesterday against Uruguay. With a disturbing addition: the entire Saudi squad plays in their local league. It has no players in Europe. And with that, they unquestionably beat Argentina, a five-time world finalist. We never believed that of Argentine favoritism (it’s written), but anyway we were confident of an important performance, we were excited to think that Argentina and Brazil would redeem the depressed South American football. Now hope is all in the Brazilian backpack.

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Uruguay was left in gambling debt. A gray team, against a Korea that was always considered minor for the South Americans. Not anymore. A lot of footballer in Europe, but little individual and collective brilliance.

The one who stood up for our continent (apart from Ecuador, which beat Qatar very weakly), was Brazil. Beautiful performance against a rival who already felt less in the locker room. From the first minute he entrenched himself and gave all the initiative, the field and the ball to Brazil. A strategy that almost never works. Team that goes under the goal, loses. More before the Verdeamarella, who crushes you mercilessly. And with resources. Overflows on the outside, walls on the inside, until one passes, until the ball enters once. And two entered, both by Richarlison, a leopard always ready to devour. liked Brazil. Difficult to play against such an ultra-defensive team and find spaces, holes through which to penetrate. But it was known that he would win, it was a matter of being patient and keep trying. And he did. The game was played in the last 25 meters of Serbia’s field, a very poor-spirited Serbia that endured throwing it anywhere for 62 minutes to zero. Quite.

Brazil was one of the teams that debuted with victory in Qatar 2022 and reaffirmed its status as a candidate for the title.

Excellent Richarlison, Marshal Casemiro, good Raphinha, important Paquetá, Neymar not very important, Vinicius spectacular, Alex Sandro attacking… Very good Brazil. Today’s football shows a very clear offensive tendency. They all line up behind three slogans: intensity, possession and attack. That’s what Spain, England, Brazil play… And although it seems crazy, we add Canada. It is the hour of the Luis Enrique. The technicians who buckle up or who think defensively stayed in time.

Source: Elcomercio

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