SportsPSG: "Watched documentaries about them" how Galtier learned about...

PSG: “Watched documentaries about them” how Galtier learned about the Parisian stars


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Having overtaken Saint-Étienne, Lille and Nice, Christophe Galtier had the opportunity to face Kylian Mbappe, Neymar and other Paris Saint-Germain stars on Ligue 1 pitches. If he could fear their qualities in the past, now the PSG coach relies on his talent to make your command work. But during an interview with Marca, the French coach insisted on the human aspect of the coaching profession and how he prepared his arrival in Paris.

“There are a lot of reports about players. I relied on these reports to know them thoroughly,” he turned to the Spanish newspaper. For example, Mbappe. I knew Kilian from Ligue 1, played against him, saw his matches… But there is a player and there is a person. “Galtier’s arrival on the Paris bench was preceded by questions about his ability to manage a dressing room filled with ego. Whoever led Losk to the French title in 2021 has put the odds in his favor.

Mbappe “stayed not because of money”

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“The whole world knows Messi, Neymar or Ramos as players,” he recalled. But to save time, I focused on watching documentaries about them to get to know this person, how they live, their history, how they grew up, their path and how they became world stars. »

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Not everything has been perfect since the beginning of the year, but one thing cannot be taken away from the new coach: Messi and Neymar have returned to a very high level. Marca also shared the question of the state of mind of the Argentine number 10 after the World Cup. Will there be another yield? “We cannot know, but why think about it? Does this mean that they (Messi, Neymar, Mbappe – ed.) were preparing only for the World Cup? I do not think so. They prepared for a good start to the season with PSG. »

According to Galtier, Messi “will not have another motivation after the World Cup. The coach also had to tame the difficult situation with Mbappe. Coveted by Real Madrid last summer, Mbappe “did not stay for money. World-class players, whether in Spain, England or France, will win. They are not there for the money,” his coach thinks. “I just think Kylian likes PSG,” he adds very firmly. According to him, the former Monegasque is happy in Paris, “that’s for sure, guaranteed.”

Source: Le Parisien

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