SportsUniversity: why he hired Calcaterra, until when do you...

University: why he hired Calcaterra, until when do you wait for Vegetti and what will he premiere at La Noche Crema


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Finally, a project also means starting from scratch. Acknowledging that something went wrong. Two years after the Centenary, this is the right moment.

Why did they sign Calcaterra?

For history, which should never be forgotten, the U is the sacrifice team. That never gives up. Whose fans applaud a sweep in the opposite area at minute 89 ‘more than some unproductive wall with giggles. Some call that identity. Others only have good lungs. The University administration had detected that, in recent years, the locker room was sustained in excessive comfort. It was a bureaucratic office that was open from Monday to Friday. The 4-1 at the Monumental confirmed the suspicion. DT manages the information that a couple of foreign players had attitudes, let’s say, not very elegant with young people. Nobody said anything. Someone else did not even participate in the club’s marketing campaigns. He was not interested. The worst thing is that it was becoming a habit: great footballers who had not won even once with the ‘U’ took attitudes that, for example, Carranza, Grondona, or Martínez never had. Real winners.

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In this context, the ‘U’ decided to look for players who would transmit other types of signals to the squad. The work of scouting and sports management, both led by Manuel Barreto, put together a profile: 1) Champion soccer players. 2) With delivery as the first condition. 3) That they understand that the ‘U’ will not pay millions but a long contract, looking at the Centenary.

Along the way, they found out about the broken relationship of Horace Calcaterra with Cristal, deepened by the defeat in the semifinals and the criticism of a sector of his fans for what they believe is a “weak leadership”. Why not chat with the most winning team captain in Peruvian soccer in 5 years? Someone from the administration wrote him a WhatsApp, given their past good relationship. Calcaterra liked the idea of ​​returning. He asked for time. He went on vacation. And before returning to Lima, he said that he was signing under the proposed conditions: a 3-year contract and the possibility of starting from scratch with a team that he did not give everything he wanted in 2012.

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The scouting of the U also reached the Chilean Rodrigo Ureña. His numbers are impressive if it is a reinforcement: six titles between 2015 and 2020, counting his steps through Chile and Colombia. He is a current footballer, who fits perfectly into this profile of a new reinforcement that has been cooking since the middle of the year. The day after his arrival in the capital, while the eyes of the people were already at the start of the World Cup, a question confirmed the investigations that had been made about him. “He took the photos and said: when do we start training…? Morning? It’s an animal. They want to take everything ahead ”, says someone very close to the administration. That is the new 6 of the U.

Who will be 9?

The name that most interests the U is that of Pablo Vegetti, scorer of the Argentine Nacional B with Belgrano. The offer is the same: to be part of the process that the U towards the Centennial begins this December. It is an investment, in addition, given the possibility of resale that the Argentine has. The student club has seen in Vegetti a type of foreign forward that it has not had since Martín Vilallonga, 20 years ago: a tank with experience that can play as a lone ranger -if Compagnucci decides to play with 5 midfielders-, that intimidates up and down -if It goes with a winger that throws centers at him. In order not to go to VHS cassettes and put ourselves in YouTube mode, someone like Germán Denis, key to saving the humiliating possibility of relegation in 2018, a hell from which one does not return.

If there is no answer until the beginning of next week, the U will try to find another 9. Also from Argentine soccer.

Is Tito Urruti going to stay?

The position of the U has not changed: if it is nationalized and the documents arrive on time, it will renew with the club for another year. Sources to which DT had access explain that Urruti has accepted that agreement and has sworn that the papers will come out. Meanwhile, and just as a possibility of having more variants, Universitario has a rapprochement in figures and conditions with Yuriel Celi, former Cantolao winger, today at Mannucci. Celu wants to come, they say in the inmate. And although the plan is to renew with the Uruguayan, it is not ruled out that both Celi and Urruti could play in U 2023. Regarding the Bryan Reyna case, a couple of players from the current squad spoke with him, he was interested in the plan, but There are no economic conditions or club-to-club relationship until the striker signs for 2023.

A year, by the way, in which the margin of error is none. Either he comes out champion or he comes out champion. On the day of La Noche Crema, when Universitario launches a new electronic board thanks to the agreement with a new sponsor that will soon be made official, the path to paradise begins ten years elusive. Or to hell

Source: Elcomercio

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