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The VAR and the off-sides for one shoulder: why hasn’t technology put an end to the controversies in the World Cup?

For the Argentines, Lautaro Martínez’s two escapes against Saudi Arabia that were invalidated by one of his shoulders represent an injustice the size of the Obelisk. The penalty that Cristiano Ronaldo was awarded against Ghana, with which he broke the record of being the only player to score in five World Cups, was not for many fans and connoisseurs of this sport. Ecuador continues to claim a goal against the Netherlands. Canada missed two penalties against Belgium. The same thing happened with Qatar against Senegal. That is to say, not even the hosts were saved.

Besides of VARto which we are still getting used to, Qatar 2022 has released an innovation that has not gone down so well in the football community. . As soon as the play ends, the video room receives an automatic warning in case of flagrante delicto. The matter is so exact that just a little step can be grounds for condemnation. These are twelve cameras installed under the stadium roof that are capable of calculating the exact positions of the players, aided by 29 data points that take into account limbs and parts of the body.

This technology has already been tested in the 2021 Arab Cup and the 2021 Club World Cup. Its purpose: to give referees the chance to make better decisions in the shortest possible time. The Peruvian referee Alberto Tejada, present in the United States 94 and France 98, takes stock of the chiaroscuro of this technology, although he does not doubt FIFA’s good faith.

“The technology entered to see the elephants and not the ants. So that a rude move would not go unpunished. But I feel that right now there are two things that are not being favored. First, before all the innovative changes were made not only to give football transparency but also to favor goals. , we are putting ourselves more on the side of the defense than of the attack, a little piece of the shoulder or foot invalidates the football party that is the goal. The technology came so that there are no doubts, but we are still in a transition where controversy has been avoided”argues Tejada.

The referee Luis SeminaryFor his part, he considers that although they are fine plays that are not detected by the human being, it is important to rely on technology, precisely, to validate a goal or not. “I have been in arbitration for 20 years and I have always heard that when in doubt you should let them play. But that never existed in the regulation. What was used was the criteria to give fluidity to the game. write down.

The journalist Mauricio Loret de Mola, from the A presión radio program, is on the other shore. For him this severity is killing the spirit of football. He is of the idea that one cannot be so regulatory in that sense. “VAR slow motion maximizes everything and boycotts common sense. Everything is magnified. It even looks for faults where there are none. criticism.

Regarding artificial intelligence to collect millimeter penalties, Loret de Mola says: “It is scandalous. He is taking everything to the rigidity. They are putting an end to cheating in football. Arsene Wenger proposed that the arms not be charged and now they are charged up to the shoulders. .

Since the VAR exists, goals are no longer shouted with the same intensity as before. Or in any case, more than one cry is drowned, because it is possible that the referee stops the game and then annuls it. “The emotion of football is celebrating as soon as the goal is scored. And now that is subject to an analysis and that takes away the spontaneity to which we were all accustomed. Now we are condemned to the verdict after the goal”, says Alberto Tejada.

Loret de Mola summarizes: “The referees have tried to evolve. They want to implement more things, but in the end the real justice that one would have imagined at the beginning is not being given. Resolution time has been improved, but VAR is still not a tool that helps referees 100%. There are incredible penalties that they don’t take, as if they tipped the scales somewhere and there are plays like Cristiano Ronaldo’s against Ghana in which they don’t allow themselves to hesitate and take it”.

Source: Elcomercio

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