SportsShock for Racing, Bobigny hit... It was your football...

Shock for Racing, Bobigny hit… It was your football weekend in Ile de France.


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During the World Cup semi-professional and amateur football continues. Like last season, Le Parisien invites you to analyze and decipher the results of clubs from Ile-de-France. The weekend began with a good Friday evening at the National with the successes of Versailles and Red Star, while Atlético’s Paris 13 came close to a feat against leaders Concarneau (1-1). On Saturday the derbies were won by Racing against Poissy in Group A and Bobigny’s FC 93 against Fleury in Group B. In the National 3, it was Aubervilliers who won the 93 derby and disappointed in the Coupe de France against Drancy (3-2). . Finally, in D1 Arkema, Paris came close to beating Lyon, with PSG beating Guingamp.

Weekend poster: Racing sack Poissy

Racing struck in Group A of the national 2. Leader sacked his runner-up Poissy (2-1) on Saturday at the Stade Montbauron in Versailles. The score was opened by Arnold Vula (1-0, 18th), then answered by Sheikh Toure, the 8th goal of the season (1-1, 61). But the last word was for Vula, who offered himself a double (2-1, 75th place). Since the beginning of the season, he brings his score to ten goals. Racing widens the lead gap: 3 points ahead of Rouen (2nd), 4 points ahead of Poissy (3rd) and 7 points ahead of Chambly (4th). Next Saturday Guillaume Norbert’s team will go to Robert Diochon in his new runner-up Rouen. New shock in perspective.

Performance: FC 93 Bobigny hits Fleury

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Thunderbolt in Group B National 2. Leader Fleury was thrashed (5-0) at FC 93 Bobigny BG. Christophe Thein’s team scored through Farid Beziouin (19th, 49th), Lassana Konet (57th), Abdelsamad Hashem (63rd) and Sheldon Mandanga (82nd). “We beat the favorite and leader of the group with a score of 5:0,” welcomes Christophe Taine, who found his former team in Fleury. We were effective in all aspects of the game, I’m happy for my players and the club. Now be careful to remain humble for the next encounters. This championship is homogeneous, and we must win on a regular basis. “FC 93 Bobigny is back in 5th place. Fleury lost the leading position to Creteil.

Verdict: Habib Bey (Crvena Zvezda): “There is no perfect couple, but today was everything”

“Red Star”, which celebrated its 125th anniversary on Friday, the 13th day of the National, treated the audience to Bauer. Habib Bey’s men beat Nancy thanks to a goal from central defender Blondon Meyapja (1-0, 43rd) and remain at the top of the table (4th).

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“There is no perfect match, but today it was everything: the game, the determination to keep the score, the suffering at the end… We are doing well. We have made our 7th clean sheet. What I remember is our ability to create a game. We had our first period as a team, we never stopped wanting to play. We score from a set piece, which is a bit paradoxical, but we have been very effective in this area for several weeks,” Habib Baye congratulates.

Player of the Weekend: Jermain Lens (Versailles)

Yes, Jermain Lens, who turned 35 on Thursday, is still a footballer. The former Dutch international (34 caps, 8 goals), who participated in the 2014 World Cup and played 75 European matches, demonstrated this on Friday in Villefranche for Versailles. Returning in the 78th minute, the striker passed PSV Eindhoven, Dynamo Kyiv, Sunderland or Besiktas and became the great architect of his team’s 2-0 victory, which remains second in the national championship. He was Grégoire Lefevre’s first decisive passer (87th) before scoring a goal on Mathieu Dossevi’s serve (90th). Since his signing at Versailles, Jeremiane Lens has been talked about more because of his 15kg overweight on arrival and his salary (€25,000), the highest at the National. Long injured, he was only playing his third match (only 40 minutes of play) against Versailles in Villefranche. His season may have finally begun.

Quantity: 0

Atlético Paris has 13 successes at home this season. The advanced Parisian has five draws and one loss. Wards of Vincent Bordeaux are still close to Friday’s feat at the Butroux stadium against the leader Concarneau (1:1). Paris 13 took a 1-0 lead thanks to the first goal of the season by Oumar Sidibé (30th), but they were joined at the last minute by a goal from Rabiyar (1-1, 90th). If Bordeaux has not lost in the league since coming to the bench (1 win, 3 draws), their team remains in the minor leagues (15th).

Rebound: After Reunion, Aubert digested his return to earth well

Returning from Réunion on Tuesday with a 0-1 relegation disappointment at La Tamponese, the Aubervilliers players have weathered the heat shock well and are back to their daily lives. Aubert won the (3-2) derby 93 and was disappointed in the Coupe de France against Drancy (who was eliminated in Pays de Cassel, R1). Thanks to Nuha Kamara (2nd) and Masira Konata (14th), Rashid Yousef’s team was quickly ahead of Drancy, who scored goals from Bafode Darami (44th) and goalscorer-depanner Sayon Keita (54th). But Aubervilliers pulled out the victory thanks to a goal from Amine Meftah (3-2, 75th). Aubert took advantage of the draw at Ivry and the defeats of Paris and Le Mureau to single-handedly take the chair of the leader of the National Troika.

Among women: “Paris” came close to “Lyon”

This Sunday, the girls from the Paris Football Club were very close to strengthening PSG. They really led 2:1 against Lyon thanks to a brace from Mathilde Bourdieu (19th, 46th). But in the last twenty minutes, they broke down due to two defensive mistakes. Wendy Renard, who had already scored a goal (17th), equalized first when Parisian goalkeeper Chiamaka Nnadozi (70th) had a bad knock down. She is then guilty of a big disagreement with her protector Aigbobgan, which benefits Delfina Cascarino (2-3, 80th).

“In front of this team you have to play a perfect match. We were not far from it, says Sandrine Soubeyran. But we missed 15 minutes. We made two mistakes. Communication problems were on the 3rd. It’s a shame because we didn’t care about the action. Subsequently, the quality of the Lyon team mattered. Our attackers put in a lot of effort to defend, and we left a lot of strength. In the end we didn’t have enough control to keep the ball. But these kinds of matches continue to be part of our training. I am pleased with what we have produced, we must remember the good. »

For their part, in the cold of the Camp de Loge, the PSG women’s section did not falter in the race for the title, leading the distance with the OL. Without sparkle, Gerard Precher’s players, who returned to the bench, beat Guingamp (1-0) and can thank Cadidiata Diani, the only scorer in the game.


NATIONAL (13th day)

PSG 13 Atlético 1-1 Concarneau, Red Star 1-0 Nancy, Villefranche 0-2 Versailles.

NATIONAL 2 (11th day)

Group A. SBB Racing – Poissy 2-1.

Group B. Sainte-Genevieve – Metz (b) 2:1, Wasqueal – Creteil 0:3, Lusitanos-Saint-Maure – Belfort 3:0, FC 93 Bobigny – Fleury 5:0.

NATIONAL 3 (9th day)

Le Blanc-Mesnil – PSG, Entente SSG – Le Meu 0:1, Aubervilliers – Drancy 3:2, Ivry – Le Julis 1:1, Linas-Montlery – Brétigny 1:0, Montrouge – Le Mureau 3:2, Vitry – Paris 3-1

U19 (14th day)

Group A. PSG 5-0 Drancy, Valenciennes 2-4 Montfermeil

Group B. Paris FC – Torcy 1:2, Auxerre – Bobigny BG 93 2:0.

D1 Women (9th day)

Fleury-Reims 1-0, PSG-Guingamp 1-0, PSG-Lyon 2-3

Source: Le Parisien

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