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“Spain vs. Germany: it looked like a Champions League match”


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As we know, the West – and it is clear what is known by the West – has unleashed a fierce smear campaign on Qatar and on the Qatar World Cup, very beautiful by the way. The countries that invented slavery and colonialism are now the custodians of human rights. The invaders ask for fair rules. Those who created the wars that cost hundreds of millions of lives, are the main manufacturers of arms, and at the time of selling them they demand peace agreements. Those who have been emitting carbon dioxide for one hundred and fifty years are demanding renewable energy from poor countries. It is fun. When someone reminds them, they argue that “that was a long time ago.”

Here in Doha Bay there are dozens of European ships waiting to load gas. And in the exclusive area of ​​West Bay and La Perla are the teams from Germany, France, Holland, Denmark, England, Spain, Belgium, the United States… How do they buy hydrocarbons from a country they hate…? Why send their national representatives to play a tournament in a place they hate and lash out…? Brazil remains the favorite to win the soccer tournament. The World of hypocrisy has other candidates.

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The German players formed the center of the field for the obligatory photo, before facing Japan, covering their mouths with their hands, as a sign that there are no freedoms in Qatar. It was in protest because FIFA did not allow the use of the rainbow colors as a captain’s armband during the tournament in solidarity with the LGTBI collective, which is prohibited in the emirate. The intention was noble, but they will heat their houses with Qatari gas. Then they lost to Japan. Clear sign that they were out of focus. The journalist Markus Feldenkirchen, from the magazine Der Spiegel, criticized the German government for being hypocritical, which left the protest in the hands of the soccer players while signing gas purchase orders.

Of the five companies that built the stadiums, four are French, says people close to the organization. Qatar also buys planes from France. Don’t human rights come into business…?


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In addition to its incredible facilities and amenities, this will be remembered as the World of Surprises. Let’s review: Saudi Arabia 2 – Argentina 1, Japan 2 – Germany 1, Costa Rica, which had just conceded seven goals from Spain, beat Japan 1-0, and yesterday Morocco defeated Belgium: 2-0. Soccer tectonic plates are moving. The boys go up and approach the powers. What is better, they no longer fear them, they dare, even if they lose. And sometimes they win. The penalty: left Canada, eliminated. Another one that grew up. It is surely the bravest team in the tournament. Play as all the fans in the world love: they go all out, run like escapees, show boundless enthusiasm and very good notions of football. About Belgium: it is surely the worst team in the World Cup. Or the one who plays uglier. Everyone else has things to show for it.

Yesterday’s menu included four dishes: the last one was unmissable, Spain-Germany. Two European powers, world champions and with top-level leagues. It looked like a Champions League game, six from Bayern Munich on one side and five from Barcelona on the other. High vibration and intensity match, if Germany lost they could go home in the first phase, like in Russia. And he lost… But he matched with the traditional drive and grit of the German footballer, an efficient player in his club who grows with the national shirt.

The game was there, calm, with no reports of a storm, until Spain’s goal, a magnificent pass into the area by Jordi Alba and a brilliant definition by Morata with three fingers. There the wind rose. The German storm came; he went with everything up, he pushed, he pressed and achieved the tie through a true Panzer: Niclas Füllkrug. He put a bombshell to destroy Madrid and Barcelona together. Spain was more cautious than other times, attacked less than usual and was satisfied with the tie, which leaves it leading with 4 points and +7, with which, except for a catastrophe, it will go to the round of 16. Germany has only one point, but now they are very hopeful because it is Costa Rica’s turn in the last phase and it is possible that they will go over it. If he beats him, he would collect 4 and it is possible that he will improve his goal difference. The one that awaits Costa Rica…!

Despite not winning yet, Germany left a very good image, with great integrity and temperament, with two generals on the field: Joshua Kimmich and León Goretzka. They perfectly embody the footballer of their country, they are very capable minds for battle.

27 of the 64 games and two teams have already left: Qatar and Canada. Mbappé threatens to be the star of the World Cup again and France the champion. Brazil will try to prevent it.

The channel TNT Sports México (Turner Network Television) published a daring tweet after the victory of Saudi Arabia over Argentina. A photo of Messi’s shirt, pants, socks and boots, but without Leo’s image, as if he had disappeared. Behind, Saudi players celebrating. And the legend: “WANTED! Name: Lionel Messi. Age: 35 years. He was last seen in the 10th minute of the game between Argentina and Saudi Arabia in Lusail”. Al de Rosario was seen again in the 64th minute against Mexico.

Source: Elcomercio

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