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Dani Alves, the immortal: achieved a record in Qatar 2022, but did not weigh in against Cameroon

He has 45 titles in his personal showcase. At the club level, he won in Brazil -his country-, Spain, Italy and France. And with the national team, he was champion of America. Dani Alves (Bahia, 1983) It is a book full of milestones. And this Friday added a new record against Cameroon at Lusail Stadium. The right-back -think ’10’, like all Brazilians- became the longest-serving footballer to play a World Cup match with the Brazilian team.

who had taken the mark in the last duel against Serbia but in this match he rested to reach one hundred percent for the round of 16 duel that would be against South Korea.

“I am at the service of the selection. If it is to play the tambourine, I will be the best tambourine player”responded in the preview of the World Cup to those who criticized his call-up, arguing his age and his performance at Pumas de México.

Brazil He is looking for his sixth star -and starts as a candidate- with a historical leader like Dani Alves. But also with another leader like Thiago Silva, the undisputed starter in the Brazilian defense above Militao. And it is that, beyond the miracles that occur in the results, Qatar 2022 It is also being the World Cup of the “old men”, especially in defense.

In the attackers there is a more natural replacement due to the explosiveness of the footballers, but in the rear they have preferred to give the right to the most experienced. Nicolás Otamendi (34) in Argentina, Pepe (39) in Portugal and Thiago Silva himself are the clear examples.

More veterans to play in a World CupSelectionAgeLast World Cup played
Essam El HadaryEgypt45 yearsRussia 2018
Faryd MondragonColombia43 yearsBrazil 2014
roger millaCameroon42 yearsUnited States 1994
Pat JanningsEngland41 yearsMexico 1986
peter shiltonEngland40 yearsItaly 1990

Otamendi, the gladiator of the Albiceleste

With a past as a boxer, Nicolás Otamendi (Buenos Aires, 1988) fight all the balls as if it were the last. Always playing to the limit, but in case all of them arrive clean at the plays. The Benfica central defender has been the only defender who played all three games in Qatar 2022. Lionel Scaloni moved the pieces, but never him. As fundamental as Lionel Messi.

And the statistics back it up.

The footballers of Saudi Arabia and Mexico They suffered the mark of the Argentine defender, but, above all, who suffered his skills was the Pole Robert Lewandowskiwhose goalscoring ability was neutralized by both Otamendi and Cuti Romero.

Pepe, the leader without tape of Portugal

Is named Képler Laverán Lima Ferreira (Alagoas, 1983), but they know him as Pepe, especially his frightened rivals. The Portuguese arrived at Qatar 2022 after overcoming an injury and playing only three minutes in recent months. Even so, Fernando Santos summoned him with only three more centrals: Rúben Dias, the rookie António Silva and the ‘reconverted’ Danilo Pereira.

Danilo Pereira’s injury against Ghana (3-2) accelerated the deadlines. Pepe, who didn’t have minutes in his debut, started as a starter in the win against Uruguay (2-0). , Fernando Santos had said in the previous one.

The central defender responded in a great way on the pitch. He was the player from Portugal who made the most recoveries (9), the one who cut the most balls (2) and the third who cleared the most balls (3). With the ball he was the second player who recorded the most passes: he completed 50 of the 64 he attempted.

In addition, he became the oldest footballer (39 years and 275 days) to represent Portugal in a World Cup. He is also the third oldest outfield player to play in a World Cup. They are only surpassed by the Cameroonian roger milla (42 years and 39 days) and the Canadian Atiba Hutchinson (39 years and 292 days). behind him is Daniel Alves.

The validity of Thiago Silva

Everyone is talking about the last World Cup Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or Luka Modric. Little is said about Thiago Silva (Rio de Janeiro, 1984), the captain -and leader- of this Brazil in Qatar 2022. In fact, of the central veterans who are contesting the tournament, he is one who remains in the elite: he plays for Chelsea where he is also captain.

In an ultra-attacking team that finds its balance in Casemiro, it is also necessary to have defenders behind who can solve counterattacks and Thiagobeside marquinhosThey do it perfectly.

“The good thing is that we maintain our performance, a solid defensive part, which gives more confidence up front,” said Silva after the last victory against Switzerland. Brazil is the only team in Qatar that has not conceded a goal so far and it is thanks, in a greater percentage, to the Chelsea center-back.


Source: Elcomercio

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