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Tite, the man who, with dancing included against Korea, brought joy back to Brazil

More than 2300 days have passed since tite is technical director of Brazil. A long journey where he has known more successes than failures. He came to replace a historic man like Dunga, but the responsibility did not weigh on him. With the victory against South Korea he will play in the World Cup 2022 his second definition of the quarterfinals. This time he hopes that he is conquering glory.

Although he had always shown himself to be a nice guy, what happened at Richarlison’s goal celebration broke the mold. The 61-year-old strategist joined the ‘Cacatua’ celebration and showed his aptitude for dancing. Immediately, social networks made him a trend and for a moment he stopped talking about the party.

His contract with ‘Scratch’ ends after the Qatar 2022 World Cup. As he announced in February this year, whatever happens will end his relationship with the five-time champion. He is three games away from leaving with the world title under his arm. Without a doubt, the best final point for his time on the bench of his country. Likewise, soccer has already gained a character who left a mark in the sports annals.

overwhelming numbers

Since taking office, Tite has directed 79 games. He signing 61 wins, 13 draws and five losses. During the last four years he has only gone down three times. He finished undefeated in the South American Qualifiers, with a balance of 14 wins and three draws. His team scored 40 goals and added five against. The Jogo Bonito was reborn thanks to this man.

To this we must add that he was champion of the Copa América 2019 and reached the final of the following edition, losing the title to Argentina at the Maracana. Perhaps one of the hardest blows he received during his time in the Brazilian squad.

Regarding his majesty

In the run-up to the match against South Korea, Tite was asked about Pele, who is going through a difficult time with his health. The former Cortinhians DT only managed to remember what it meant for him to meet ”O’Rei”.

“He is the only person with whom I have started to tremble when I met him. It was 2018 and they told me to go see Pelé and give him a hug. I got up and I was shaking, my hand was sweating, my pulse was racing. “I’m going to have the opportunity to thank the man of a whole generation.” I thanked”, remembered.

Pelé won the 1958, 1962 and 1970 World Cups with the Brazilian team.  (Photo: AFP)

early withdrawal

In a football like the Brazilian it is very difficult to stand out either on or off the pitch. Tite didn’t get the first. At the age of 27 he decided to hang up his boots due to seven roller operations. His position was midfielder and he wore the Caixas, Guaraní, Esportivo and Portuguesa jerseys.

Not having a big name as a footballer, he had to start practically from scratch as DT. It took him ten years to reach an important team in his country, Gremio de Porto Alegre. From that moment he began his career in the elite, from which he did not leave until he was offered the position of coach of Brazil.

Tite retired at the age of 27 from professional soccer.  (Photo: Agencies)

Source: Elcomercio

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