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Tony Succar: “I like football without VAR”

Tony Succar: “I like football without VAR”

Tony Succar: “I like football without VAR”

1. What number would you wear if you were a soccer player?

The ’10’.

2. Who is the best Peruvian player of all time?

My favorite for the ‘toquetín’ is the ‘Chorri’ Palacios.

3. Which Peruvian World Cup team did you like the most?

The one from 2018, because it is the one I lived. I finished very proud of the historic achievement.

4. What would your dream goal with Peru be like in a World Cup?

A Maradona-type goal, which took all the English from midfield.

5. What rival would make you tremble?

Australia, I’m traumatized.

6. What is the phrase of a soccer narrator that you remember the most?

I touch it!

7. The Peruvian goal you shouted the most?

The one from Paolo Guerrero to Colombia in 2017. He touched it!

8. Your best soccer memory?

When Peru qualified for the 2018 World Cup.

9. Your saddest moment in football?

The penalty that Cueva missed.

10. What’s the weirdest cabal you followed for a game?

I wear my stocking with a hole for ventilation [risas].

11. Pele or Maradona?


12. Messi or Cristiano?


13. The World Cup player you would never have on your team? Why?

I couldn’t tell you, because you can’t judge a player for failing in a World Cup. If they are there it is because they are all cracks. I admire everyone. I would like to be there.

14. Do you think we will reach the next World Cup?

Anyway. Go, Peru!

15. Which country do you think will win the World Cup?


16. Football with VAR or without VAR?

I like football without VAR.

17. The ‘cover’ or surprise of the World Cup?

Despite the result with Croatia, the surprise of this World Cup was Japan.

18. Female soccer player that you admire?

Alex Morgan.

Source: Elcomercio

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